Monday, 7 October 2013

Little hidden gems

Myself and The Mister try our best to get away just the two of us at least once a month. We are extremely lucky to have my mum and sister who are always willing to have the little lads stay with them.

So this months little get away was to Poole. The Mister knows the area well as his Granny was originally from there and we have been a quite a few times as a family. I love it there, the beaches are my favorite beaches in the UK but I never expect to see anywhere new. Which is probably half the reason I fell in love with this darling little cafe, if you didn't know about South Deep Cafe you would never know it was even there. Placed beautifully by the sea in a little marina.

The full English breakfast was amazing, the sun was shining and it was just lovely to look out to sea watching the boats sail in and out with a hot cuppa.  A lovely little way to end our weekend away before heading back to collect and cuddle the hell out of our little lads.


South Deep Cafe Poole

South Deep Cafe Poole

Danger Crocodile Sign

Couple by the sea

Colourful sailing boats

Sun flare boat shot


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