Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Tiger's Winter Wardrobe

I love a bargain but there are somethings I think you should pay more for to make the most of your money, winter coats and shoes are definitely those. I want our winter coast to last throughout the cold months and lets face it, the cold months are much longer than the warm ones in the UK!

I have always loved faux fur hooded Parka Coats on Tiger but I thought I would try something different this year and came across this Padded Coat in H&M, I love the spin on the camouflage which are dinosaurs but not completely obvious until you take a closer look. When looking for a winter coat I look for something thick, warm but not too heavy. Stretchy cuffs are a must to keep the cold out and I also prefer when the back of the coat is longer than the front, I think it looks nicer plus it keeps his bum warm! This H&M Padded Coat ticks all of my boxes, Tiger loves it and so do I!

Boy in padded winter coat
Padded Coat H&M £25.99
H&M dinosaur coat

By now you should know that I have a serious Converse problem and I dread to think how many pairs Tiger has owed throughout the years! So it wont be a shock to hear that his winter shoes are also Converse. The Canvas Converse can be too cold and are not waterproof so are not ideal for winter  months, we've upgraded to the leather version. They have some really cool leather high-top designs and cost between £40-£50 I've kept costs down by buying 'Nearly New' seconds from eBay, which were half the price and were in great condition.
Black leather Converse
Leather Converse eBay £25, Jeans Primark £3 (sale)
Leather Converse Hightops

Boy in winter clothes

Leather Black Converse Hightops


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