Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Vintage Hats Secrets

Yay its Autumn and its feeling a little nippy out and a little nippy is all the excuse I need to get my hordes of vintage hats out! I'm a hat addict from Trilby's to Bowlers to Turbans I love them all! Besides keeping you warm (errr obviously) they are a great fashion accessory and fabulous pick me up AND they hide a bad hair day. In the above photos I have just straightened my fringe and beneath the hat is hair that resembles a birds nest (twigs included!)

I found this Fedora in a Charity Shop, its lovely quality and 100% wool, it cost me only £10, had I bought this new I would probably have had to pay £60! I do love a bargain! I wasn't just browsing I actually set out looking for a new vintage hat in my fav chazzers (its what all the cool kids are calling Charity Shops these days) and was disappointed when I couldn't find any that fit or that I liked (Tip: Don't forget to have a look in the gentlemen's section, this is actually a mans hat!) So I started asking the volunteers in the Charity Shop if they had any hats in the storage room, most volunteers are happy to have a look for you providing they are authorised to price it. This is how I came to find my newest love.

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