Thursday, 14 November 2013

A chip off the old block - Vtech Kiddi Zoom Twist Plus Review

Imagine my absolute delight when Tiger requested a camera of this own, I guess he wanted to see what mummy gets all excited about.

I did a little bit of research and thought the Vtech Kiddi Zoom Twist Plus would be appropriate for his age and found it at Argos on sale for only £39.99. He's already quite technology savvy knowing how to use an Ipad and Laptop and has seen me taking photos so often enough that he couldn't wait to start taking photos of his own.

The Vtech Kiddi Zoom Twist Plus was easy to get started with and I only needed to show Tiger once how to use the basic camera features, he was then easily taking photos, zooming in and out, reviewing, deleting any photos he wasn't happy with! *proud mummy moment!* I was really impressed with the twisting view finder to enable him to take his own 'selfies' by simply pulling it towards himself. We didn't actually get the instructions out before using it, which I think is a good indication of how user friendly the Vtech Kiddi Zoom Twist Plus camera is. Tiger discovered the effects filter which can easily be chosen by twisting a ring around the lens and he thought it was hilarious when giving me a bizarre looking chin from the on camera editing section, all of which he discovered himself without being shown.

Other than the ability to take photos and videos, there are games on the Vtech Kiddi Zoom Twist Plus, to be honest I didn't think Tiger would be interested in them as they are very basic and he is use to playing games on the iPad but actually he's been playing with them, especially on car journeys, he likes that he can take a photo of himself and use it as the character in the game.

Vtech Kiddi Zoom Twist Plus

Vtech Kiddi Zoom Twist Plus

Tiger has really enjoyed the Vtech Kiddi Zoom Twist Plus camera and I have loved uploading and looking through his photos, it's a lovely insight to how he sees the world. I also love how it makes him look just that bit closer and take notice of the smaller and less obvious things around him.

The Vtech Kiddi Zoom Twist Plus camera ticks all of the boxes for me, it looks great, is really sturdy, easy to use and hold, takes nice quality photos and has cute features. It's perfect for Tiger at this age. The only down side for me is I would prefer if it had a mains charger rather than batteries (takes x4 AA which are included) but saying that we haven't had to change them yet.

So here is Tiger's debut, all photos have been taken by him and haven't been edited (unless he edited or used filters on the Vtech Kiddi Zoom Twist Plus himself)

I asked Tiger what he thought of the Vtech Kiddi Zoom Twist plus and what he would change, this is his reply.

"I really like my new camera, its fun taking photos and making you look funny mummy! The games are really good and I liked making spooky movies with Violet. To make it better I would want to be able to watch DVDs on it too and want it in Green because that's my favorite colour or black so it looks just like yours"

Vtech Kiddi Zoom Twist Plus Photos
If you are still undecided about what to buy your little ones this Christmas or would like further product information on the Vtech Kiddi Zoom Twist Plus the Dream Toys List is now published on the Argos Website

Disclosure: This post is in collaboration with Argos, all images and opinions are my own


  1. Great review both of you and great pictures too!!

    I love his wellies :)

    1. Thank you, I was so proud when I uploaded his photos. Great little camera x


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