Monday, 11 November 2013

A Christmas Tradition - Personalised Christmas Cards

One of my favorite Christmas traditions is making our own personalised Christmas Cards, I try to add a personal touch to all things Christmassy so why not our greeting cards? The Christmas cards are always of the kiddies and the older relatives love and look forward to receiving them each year. They don't tend to be on Social Media pages so never really get to see the hordes of photos I post of them almost daily! I've always saved one for my keep sake box and bring them out each year at Christmas as its amazing seeing how much they changed.

I love dreaming up a theme for my personalised Christmas Cards and this year it is Novelty Knits, there's nothing I love more than chunky hand knitted... well anything at Christmas time! I came across Novelty Knits on eBay and instantly fell in love with their hand knitted hats and when they arrived they didn't disappoint.

Personalised Christmas Cards

The detail is flawless, they are super soft and I could tell that so much love and effort had gone into them. The kiddies adore them too and although I wanted them as props they are so chunky and warm that they will be wearing them all the time in the lead up to Christmas.

Reindeer hand knitted hat
Reindeer Hand Knitted Hat £7.99-£10.99
These hats make perfect pre christmas presents to get us all feeling festive! But when Christmas is all over they have other lovely designs, my fav is the super cute frog hand knitted hat and please have a look at their newborn hand knitted rabbit suit, little bunny ears hat with a little nappy cover, so sweet!
Santa Hand Knitted Hat
Santa Hand Knitted Hat £5.99-£9.99

Disclosure: I was given these complementary hand knitted hats by Novelty Knits to review, all images and opinions are my own


  1. Super cute! I love the hats. Making Christmas cards is a great idea and an excuse for me to dress Jude as a reindeer :) x

    1. Thank you! Definitely give it a go, he would look super cute!! They also have a snowman design which is lovely! x


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