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How to take photos of children

how to take photos of children
After our personalised Christmas card post I've had a few people ask how I managed to get a nice photo of all the children together or how I even take photo of the lads especially when they are running off and refusing to smile or pose. I'm no photographer although I love taking photos so have had lots of practice but here's a few basic tips I use.

How to take photos of Children...

Don't Force it - if the kiddies are in a bad mood, sleepy or hungry do it on a different day/time you want to look back on the photo fondly, I like to think of photo as a captured memory so make it a positive one.

Good lighting - if you can take the photo outside on a bright day then do! If not find a bright clear corner of your house (natural light works best)

Background - think about your background, do you really want that pair of knickers drying on the radiator behind you? Do you really want the radiator in it at all? Some backgrounds can be lovely, the kids out playing with the fallen leaves or just cuddled up on your sofa surrounded by cosy cushions. Just be aware of whats showing in the frame.

Props - using props are a great way to create atmosphere in a photo, it's also a fun way to keep the kiddies entertained during your mini photo shoot. For our Halloween photo shoot, Beaux just enjoyed playing with the pumpkins, he was smiling and happy, making it easier for me to get a natural shot.

Hold that pose - Yeah right!! My little lads don't stay still for a second so I find I'm just chasing them around, children are so carefree that their movement are fluid, they make great shapes and poses just being children. My favorite photos are the ones when a moment is captured and you can see their personality or how they are feeling through it.

Move - Take photos from different angles, just one step to the side from you can drastically change the appearance of your photo. Don't forget get up high or at eye level with your child.

Edit - There are so many free, user friendly editing tools . You can use filters to get an entirely different look and feel for your photo. Create a focal point or just crop away that sock you didn't notice before. I rarely post a photo I haven't edited first.

And if all else fails and the kiddies still wont co-operate then take photos of them when they are sleeping!! I think we've all spent hours just watching our babies sleep, so relaxed and carefree. I want to remember that forever! And you can still dress them up and they won't yank their cute hats off!! bonus!!

I hope you find my little tips on how to take photos of children useful. If you do try some out then please let me know how you get on.

how to take Christmas photos of children

How to take Christmas photo


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  1. Fantastic post and great tips!!! These are actually useful even when you're not photographing kids. Thanks!!!! *scurries off to move those undies off the radiator!*


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