Friday, 1 November 2013

Little Chortles- All rise for the goodest one

Playing a game with Violet...
Violet: Oi you just cheated!!
Tiger: No I didn't, I'm the goodest one of them all!

Tiger on anatomy...
Daddy: Wheres your brain?
Tiger: In my head, in a net
Daddy: A net?!
Tiger: Yes that's what those squiggle lines on your brain are, a net!! It's in a net so your brain doesn't fall out of your ears and nose!!

On Good Music...
"This one makes my legs dance"

Tiger Logic...
Tiger: I know where Beaux has hidden the remote!
Mummy: Really? where? We've been looking for that for ages!
Tiger: In a place where it can't be found
Mummy: ?? Well do you know where it is?
Tiger: Yes, where it can't be found!

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