Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Have a Very Merry Christmas!!

Just a quick post to wish you all a very Merry Christmas! I hope you have a fantastic day and enjoy the festive holiday whatever you are doing. Thank you for reading and for your comments this year they really mean a lot to me!

See you in 2014!!! x

Personalised Christmas Card
May the joy and hope of Christmas fill your heart the whole year through x


Friday, 20 December 2013

Boys Cool Christmas Jumpers

Boys cool Christmas jumper
Boys Cool Christmas Jumper Tesco sale £6.00

As much as I love traditional chuncky knit jumpers it nice to change things up a bit. Tiger spotted this cool boys Christmas jumper in Tesco and chose this as his Christmas jumper this year. I love it and it suits Tiger perfectly! The burgundy is lovely and easier to style as it compliments so many colours. Good find my little likely lad! 

Boys cool Christmas jumper

Boys cool Christmas jumper


Monday, 16 December 2013

Mummy and Tiger Day - Bowling Party

I rarely get the chance to have a day just Tiger and I but I think it's so important to make the effort to have these quality days where he doesn't have to share my attention. Since starting school I've really missed him so when a friend of mine invited us to her sons bowling birthday party I thought it would be nice to go it alone and leave Beaux to have some quality time with daddy.

We've never been to a bowling party in fact we've never actually taken Tiger bowling before! He was excited to be going and I was excited to spend some quality time with my oldest little lad. 

Although apprehensive to begin with Tiger took to bowling like a duck to water, scoring spares and even a strike (with the aid of bumpers) He was so excited, giving me cuddles and high fives! I can't believe I've waited so long to take him bowling, it's a perfect wet weather activity and the perfect mummy and son day. 

The bowling party itself was lovely, enough going on to keep both the kiddies and parents entertained, such a relaxed and fun atmosphere. Tiger loved it so much that he has asked to have a bowling party on his next birthday.

Bowling Party

Bowling Party

Bowling Party

Bowling Party

Bowling Party

Bowling Party

And of course a few snaps from the party

Bowling Party! Happy Birthday Little Lads x


Thursday, 12 December 2013

Thank You For Being My Friend - Book Review

Beaux is a right little book worm, it really is his favorite pass time, that and dancing! The minute we have a quiet moment at home he will waddle up to me book in hand and plonk himself down on my lap and start flicking through the pages. He points and attempts words and sound he knows and looks at me for reassurance on the ones he doesn't know. I am so glad that he is so fond of books and I love our reading time together but I do admit that once I've read the same book for the 10th time that day I do get a bit bored of it so I'm always on the hunt for new books, therefore I was really excited when Parragon offered to send me Thank You For Being My Friend to review.

I was really pleased when it arrived as the book came with a little giraffe soft toy, Beaux's favorite books are the ones he can easily interact with so having the giraffe play along side while reading the book was lovely. It came in a cute little box which made me think it would have been a great little Christmas present.

The illustrations are really cute with lots to look at on the page, the story was quite long with quite a lot of words per page. Beaux at the 14 months is a bit too young to follow such a story so we just enjoyed pointing out things on the page with Cleo (the giraffe) acting out along the way.

Although Beaux is very gentle with books I think this book is more suited to a toddler 2+  we did still love reading this book and as the book came to the end Beaux immediately turned it over for us to read again!

The story itself is lovely, well written and flows nicely. I think we will get more reads out of this book when Beaux is a little older, Cleo and the book is small enough to pop in his little rucksack so great when we are out and about.

For more information on Thank You For Being My Friend or to buy your own copy click here


Monday, 9 December 2013

Mix n Match your glad rags - vintage sequin tops

With all the Christmas parties the shops are full of glittery, beaded and sparkly clothes and I love it! I'm an absolute sucker for a vintage sequin top but they never get enough wear! So I have started wearing them dressed down with skinny jeans and my newest favorite maroon converse, it makes a great change from a chunky knit! It's funny I never feel over dressed and can happily have a typical day out with the little lads in it.

My only tip if you do decide to wear your vintage sequin top as day wear then try not to wear many other accessories, this statement top will be more than enough.


Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Christmas Eve Box

Christmas Eve Present

I love Christmas traditions and the Christmas Eve Box is another one of my favorites, I've been doing it ever since Tiger was born and although the content has changed a bit as he's gotten older I will always do one. The idea of the Christmas Eve Box for me is to give the children an extra treat before the big day. Something that will get them excited but also something cosy and relaxing after a busy day of Nativity plays and last minute shopping.

Christmas Keep Sake Box
Paperchase Christmas Keep Sake Box £7.50
Christmas Eve Present Box
What to put in the Christmas Eve Present Box...
1. PJs - New Christmas PJs are a must each year, I love the thought of them going to bed all fresh and snugly.

2. Christmas DVD - This year it's Arthur Christmas, we all went to watch it at the cinema last year and loved it.

3. New Mugs - For those hot chocolates when we are all snuggled up under the big faux fur throw and watching the Christmas film.

4. Father Christmas Survival Kit - Everything you need for the big visit of Father Christmas and the reindeer!!

Father Christmas Survival Kit
What's inside the Father Christmas Survival Kit...
Reindeer Lights - Sparkly dust so the reindeer can easily spot your house from up in the sky (the kids love sprinkling this on the grass before bed)

Cookies - for Father Christmas

A Carrot and Apple - for the Reindeer

Handmade Thank You notes 

Father Christmas 'Stop Here' Sign - The kiddies like putting this up in the front garden on Christmas Eve

Personally this is the perfect evening for us to spend with the kiddies before they hang their stockings and go to bed.

Sunday, 1 December 2013

Weekend away in Brighton

Myself and The Mister love Brighton! We love the coast, we love the bustle of The Lanes and all the cute little restaurants and pubs. And I can get a massive vintage fix!

On our way to our hotel I spotted a vintage fair and pleaded with The Mister to have a little wander, it was £2 each entry and was huge!!! I was in vintage faux fur, trinket boxes and broach heaven! Even with The Mister shooing me down the aisles as quickly as possible I managed to bag myself a beautiful little vintage tin, a pair of brown leather cut out gloves and a gold and pearl statement necklace (the gloves and necklace are Christmas presents from The Mister and he has actually 'put his foot down' and will not let me have them until Christmas)

Brighton vintage fair

Brighton vintage fair

Once we dropped our bags at our Hotel we took a stroll along the sea front, it was a cold (saying that I wasn't really cold with my really long big pimping vintage faux fur coat and two meter long scarf!) but it was a stunning day with the sun beaming passed the clouds. We came across a tepee with an amazing band playing inside and very cool van selling our new favorite festive drink 'move over mulled wine we have a new kid in town and his name is Mulled Cider!'

 After begrudgingly pulling ourselves away from our precious mulled cider van and the band we thought we should actually do a bit of Christmas shopping, we headed straight to The Lanes and grabbed some great unique Christmas presents. We rewarded ourselves for such great present finding with MORE mulled cider and went out for dinner at Pho a lovely Vietnamese restaurant.

The following day was more Christmas shopping and back home to our little lads. We love Brighton and would seriously consider moving our family here.

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