Thursday, 12 December 2013

Thank You For Being My Friend - Book Review

Beaux is a right little book worm, it really is his favorite pass time, that and dancing! The minute we have a quiet moment at home he will waddle up to me book in hand and plonk himself down on my lap and start flicking through the pages. He points and attempts words and sound he knows and looks at me for reassurance on the ones he doesn't know. I am so glad that he is so fond of books and I love our reading time together but I do admit that once I've read the same book for the 10th time that day I do get a bit bored of it so I'm always on the hunt for new books, therefore I was really excited when Parragon offered to send me Thank You For Being My Friend to review.

I was really pleased when it arrived as the book came with a little giraffe soft toy, Beaux's favorite books are the ones he can easily interact with so having the giraffe play along side while reading the book was lovely. It came in a cute little box which made me think it would have been a great little Christmas present.

The illustrations are really cute with lots to look at on the page, the story was quite long with quite a lot of words per page. Beaux at the 14 months is a bit too young to follow such a story so we just enjoyed pointing out things on the page with Cleo (the giraffe) acting out along the way.

Although Beaux is very gentle with books I think this book is more suited to a toddler 2+  we did still love reading this book and as the book came to the end Beaux immediately turned it over for us to read again!

The story itself is lovely, well written and flows nicely. I think we will get more reads out of this book when Beaux is a little older, Cleo and the book is small enough to pop in his little rucksack so great when we are out and about.

For more information on Thank You For Being My Friend or to buy your own copy click here


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