Sunday, 1 December 2013

Weekend away in Brighton

Myself and The Mister love Brighton! We love the coast, we love the bustle of The Lanes and all the cute little restaurants and pubs. And I can get a massive vintage fix!

On our way to our hotel I spotted a vintage fair and pleaded with The Mister to have a little wander, it was £2 each entry and was huge!!! I was in vintage faux fur, trinket boxes and broach heaven! Even with The Mister shooing me down the aisles as quickly as possible I managed to bag myself a beautiful little vintage tin, a pair of brown leather cut out gloves and a gold and pearl statement necklace (the gloves and necklace are Christmas presents from The Mister and he has actually 'put his foot down' and will not let me have them until Christmas)

Brighton vintage fair

Brighton vintage fair

Once we dropped our bags at our Hotel we took a stroll along the sea front, it was a cold (saying that I wasn't really cold with my really long big pimping vintage faux fur coat and two meter long scarf!) but it was a stunning day with the sun beaming passed the clouds. We came across a tepee with an amazing band playing inside and very cool van selling our new favorite festive drink 'move over mulled wine we have a new kid in town and his name is Mulled Cider!'

 After begrudgingly pulling ourselves away from our precious mulled cider van and the band we thought we should actually do a bit of Christmas shopping, we headed straight to The Lanes and grabbed some great unique Christmas presents. We rewarded ourselves for such great present finding with MORE mulled cider and went out for dinner at Pho a lovely Vietnamese restaurant.

The following day was more Christmas shopping and back home to our little lads. We love Brighton and would seriously consider moving our family here.


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