Friday, 31 January 2014

Bunny Loves to Play - Book Review

Bunny Loves to Play - Book Review
I am just going to start off by saying Bunny Loves to Play is Beaux's favorite book of the week! Its been slammed in my lap more times then I care to count! Beaux loves interactive books, but a puppet (a soft cute bunny rabbit to be exact) is just what he would ask for if he could.

Bunny Loves to Play is full of short simple sentences with actions and noises we act out together. Its short enough to keep his attention with really chunky pages he can easily flick through without my help. Beaux's favorite page is Bunny on the swing at the park, he squeals out 'Wheeeee!' which really is the cutest thing ever!

The illustrations are lovely with plenty to look and point out on the page and the book itself is small but chunky enough for little hands and can easily be taken along when out and about.

I can see that Bunny Loves to Play is going to be a firm favorite for quite some time.
Bunny Loves to Play Book

Bunny Loves to Play Book Review

Bunny Finger puppet book

For more information on Bunny Loves to Play or to buy your own copy Click Here

Disclosure: I was given this Bunny Loves to Play book by Parragon for the purpose of reviewing. All opinions and photography are my own

Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Turban Hats

Turban Hat

Yep just checked outside and yep its still raining, yep its still freezing and yep its still winter! I have worn all of my hats to death and frankly getting quite bored of them so imagine my delight when I stumbled upon this Turban Hat in one of my local charity shops, brand new for only £2.50!! I haven't a clue where this turban hat is originally from as the only tag it had was one that said 'contains cashmere' (or something like that) but I snatched it up and its been firmly placed on my head ever since! Turban hats make me feel so elegant and this one with beads makes it feel vintage. Warm and pretty it's definitely my new favorite.

Turban Hat

Turban Hat

Naturally I've been on the hunt for more turban hats to share with you lovely lot and found that ASOS have a great range of turban hats, this jeweled turban headband is divine and I've got my beady eyes on it!! 

Saturday, 25 January 2014

Living Arrow 3/52

Bath times are a bit of an event in our house and Beaux is a little water baby. This day was wet and miserable and I had run out of indoor activities so he took an afternoon bath and had a good splash! Cheaper and warmer than our local swimming pool! 
living arrows

Silent Sunday 26.01.14

Silent Sunday

Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Laugh out Loud

Tiger on Anatomy "I think my ear has fallen off, I can't feel it anymore!!"

Pardon??? "I just ate my cough"

Daddy: Ooh that school book looks good , come and read it to me. 
Tiger: I have, it isn't! 

Tiger's Catch Phrase of the moment "I'm so strong I could crush a grape!"


Monday, 20 January 2014


Right to Left Daily Prompt: Bright, Sparkle, Nails, Vintage, Bargain, Lipstick, Soft, Winter White, Warm, Royalty, Beauty Treatment, Earrings.

I am an Instagram fiend and love posting photos, I love looking at others photos too be it to coo over cute kiddies, to wow at others creativity and sometimes get inspiration. On Instagram there are always projects you can take part in but when I saw Modern Mummy and An Essex Wife #NYNYStyleProject (New Year, New You Style Project) I knew it was the one for me. The idea is they release a  monthly list of daily prompts to help inject a little glamour into day-to-day life, for example today's was 'Nails' so you could paint your nails maybe with a colour you wouldn't have tried before and post a photo of it on Instagram or Twitter interpreted the way you want.

I have only been doing it for a couple of weeks as I was a bit late to the party but it's been such great fun! It's forced me to dig to the back of my wardrobe for that 'Winter White' jumper I've always been meaning to wear and never got round to or brave that red 'Lipstick' that I've not dared to wear yet. 
It's also been lovely seeing others interpretation of the daily prompt. 

So if one of your New Years resolution was to dig down to your inner style demon or just experiment a bit with your style then I would definitely say get involved. Click here for full details of the #NYNYStyleProject challenge.


Living Arrows 3/52

Living Arrows

Another day another monster, I love the concentration on his face. He takes his art very seriously, usually he would have a little tongue poking out and apparently that helps.

living arrows

Saturday, 18 January 2014

Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Valentines Day gifts for Children

I know its not for everyone but I love buying Valentines Day gifts for our children. Some years it may be a small token gift, a little love heart chocolate lollipop, a handmade Valentines Day card, a heart shaped ginger biscuits tucked away in their lunch boxes or some years be a little more extravagant. If I do buy something a little extra special I make sure its something they can keep and is still relevant after valentines day has passed. Here are a few of my favorite ideas for valentines day gifts for children.

Valentine Day gifts for children

1. Personalised name print  Not on the High £22
2. If kisses were colours by Janet Lawler £5.25
3. Love you chocolate bar Thorntons £1.50
4. Chocolate bear hugs Thorntons £9.99
5. Cartoons Heart T-Shirt Stardust Kids £14.99

Monday, 13 January 2014

How to make your own Superhero costume - No sew!

Homemade superhero costume

Want to know how to make your own superhero costume with no sewing!! Well I am here to share some tips with you. I can barely thread a needle let alone sew a superhero costume so when Tiger came home from school telling me he was Super Letter 'R' and I had to make him a costume I instantly thought 'give him his shop bought Batman costume and pin a letter 'R' badge to it and send him in but as the week went on I started noticing things around the house I could use to make our own superhero costume after all what does a superhero need, a cape, a mask and few baddie fighting accessories.

No sew superhero costume

No sew homemade cape
No sew Superhero cape
Homemade trainer wings
Trainer wings - Cardboard covered in foil

I made the cape out of daddy's old cardigan, just cutting away the arms and the front, I kept the collar so he could easily unbutton when he wanted to take it off. Then made paper stencils for the 'R' and star and cut them out on some scrap bits of material I had lying around. As I said I am terrible at sewing so a while back I bought a glue gun from eBay. Every parent should own a glue gun, its come in so handy for little crafts and fixing toys, they are really easy to use and cost less than ten pounds. So I just glued the cut out 'R' and star and made a couple of foil cover cardboard buttons for the shoulders and glued these on to.

I used the cut off arms from daddy's old cardigan for the mask, making slits for the eyes and threading a pieces of ribbons to tie it on. The cuffs from the cardigan after gluing on a few star buttons make a good 'flame throwing, slime squirting, web flinging baddie catcher' wristband (well with a bit of Tiger's imagination)

Superhero costume

No sew superhero mask

No sew childrens mask

Doing all of this took me about an hour and I now have one happy little crime fighting Super Letter R Hero!


Living Arrows 2/52

I love how everything through Beaux's eyes are new, exciting and mostly curious.  I could watch him, just watching and pointing for hours!

living arrows

Saturday, 11 January 2014

Thursday, 9 January 2014

How to wear Clashing Prints

Black and white clashing prints
Hat, Jumper & Leggings H&M, High Top Trainer Lacoste

I appear to have a thing about clashing prints, especially black and white clashing prints, it all started with these super cute black and white diamond leggings I spotted in H&M (girls section, shock horror!) and it seems to have spiraled out of control since then. What I love about clashing prints is that it gives you the chance to put all your favorite statement pieces together in one outfit! Personally I wouldn't wear all of this patterns together but on Beaux they look energetic and fun, just like this little likely lad!

Monday, 6 January 2014

Living Arrows 1/52

One of my new favorite blogs I Heart Snapping have started a link up called Living Arrows, the idea is to share the beauty and magic of childhood captured. Another excuse (like I need one) to share a portrait of the little lads each week.

Tiger deep in thought clutching his trusty old Woody, I say deep in thought he was actually looking out for 'swamp monsters'!
living arrows

Toy Storage Ideas - Cool Boys Toy Storage

I am always looking for toy storage ideas, none more so than after Christmas when I realise the little lads were given more toys than our little wicker boxes can cope with! Last year we bought living room worthy wicker chest of drawers and they have been brilliant but now Beaux is making his demands on new toys so we need more storage boxes! Here are a few cool boys toy storage idea i'm a bit in love with..

1. Lego Man Storage Head A Place for Everything £13.56 was £16.95
2. Fabric Bags  A Place for Everything £17.00
3. Stripped Set of 3 Baskets Jojo Bebe Maman £18.00
4. Embroidered Storage Home Discounts £14.96 was £17.05
5. Turquoise Baskets Home Discounts £17.65
6. Lego Brick  John Lewis £8.97

Once I get in the swing of things I also make sure I have a massive clear out bagging unwanted items into my little categories of Bin It, Sell It and Donate It, you can read more about this here.


Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Crochet Braids

Crochet Braids
Crochet Braids
Crochet Braids Long

New year and a new hair style, Crochet Braids!! Towards the end of last year I'd had enough of my hair having recently started my hair journey and desperately wanted a change. First I thought I would just chop it all off and dye it red although having talked with my sister (queen of all things hair!) thought that might have been a bit too drastic and what if I hated it there would be no going back! I have always loved my sisters Crochet Braids and thought the fuss free style might suit me too so asked (emotionally blackmailed) her to hook me up! Being the wonderful sister she is 'if Carlsbergs made sisters...' she agreed. I decided to go for a looser curl so it looked a bit more like my natural hair type and LONG, why the hell not? I  thought I might as well have what I can't have naturally. After four long hours we referred to my new hair style as 'Cousin It' there was so much hair and I thought I'd gone too far with the length but after a few professional snips from my sister I loved it! Dare I say I even felt a bit sexy - oooh errr! The maintenance of the Crochet Braids has been so simple, literally wake, shake and go! The perfect hair style for a mummy getting ready in a hurry!  I think Crochet Braids will be my new best friends for the next few months.

For more information on how to install Crochet Braids click here.
Deep Twist Crochet Braids

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