Monday, 13 January 2014

How to make your own Superhero costume - No sew!

Homemade superhero costume

Want to know how to make your own superhero costume with no sewing!! Well I am here to share some tips with you. I can barely thread a needle let alone sew a superhero costume so when Tiger came home from school telling me he was Super Letter 'R' and I had to make him a costume I instantly thought 'give him his shop bought Batman costume and pin a letter 'R' badge to it and send him in but as the week went on I started noticing things around the house I could use to make our own superhero costume after all what does a superhero need, a cape, a mask and few baddie fighting accessories.

No sew superhero costume

No sew homemade cape
No sew Superhero cape
Homemade trainer wings
Trainer wings - Cardboard covered in foil

I made the cape out of daddy's old cardigan, just cutting away the arms and the front, I kept the collar so he could easily unbutton when he wanted to take it off. Then made paper stencils for the 'R' and star and cut them out on some scrap bits of material I had lying around. As I said I am terrible at sewing so a while back I bought a glue gun from eBay. Every parent should own a glue gun, its come in so handy for little crafts and fixing toys, they are really easy to use and cost less than ten pounds. So I just glued the cut out 'R' and star and made a couple of foil cover cardboard buttons for the shoulders and glued these on to.

I used the cut off arms from daddy's old cardigan for the mask, making slits for the eyes and threading a pieces of ribbons to tie it on. The cuffs from the cardigan after gluing on a few star buttons make a good 'flame throwing, slime squirting, web flinging baddie catcher' wristband (well with a bit of Tiger's imagination)

Superhero costume

No sew superhero mask

No sew childrens mask

Doing all of this took me about an hour and I now have one happy little crime fighting Super Letter R Hero!



  1. I LOVE the trainer wings - that's such a great idea!

    1. Thank you! These sealed the deal for Tiger, he spent the whole afternoon whooshing around the room x

  2. Super creative and Tiger looks incredibly happy with his outfit!!!! Love this and I want a pair of those trainers with wings!!!

    1. He loved it, its super easy I could knock you up a pair!! :0))) x


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