Monday, 20 January 2014


Right to Left Daily Prompt: Bright, Sparkle, Nails, Vintage, Bargain, Lipstick, Soft, Winter White, Warm, Royalty, Beauty Treatment, Earrings.

I am an Instagram fiend and love posting photos, I love looking at others photos too be it to coo over cute kiddies, to wow at others creativity and sometimes get inspiration. On Instagram there are always projects you can take part in but when I saw Modern Mummy and An Essex Wife #NYNYStyleProject (New Year, New You Style Project) I knew it was the one for me. The idea is they release a  monthly list of daily prompts to help inject a little glamour into day-to-day life, for example today's was 'Nails' so you could paint your nails maybe with a colour you wouldn't have tried before and post a photo of it on Instagram or Twitter interpreted the way you want.

I have only been doing it for a couple of weeks as I was a bit late to the party but it's been such great fun! It's forced me to dig to the back of my wardrobe for that 'Winter White' jumper I've always been meaning to wear and never got round to or brave that red 'Lipstick' that I've not dared to wear yet. 
It's also been lovely seeing others interpretation of the daily prompt. 

So if one of your New Years resolution was to dig down to your inner style demon or just experiment a bit with your style then I would definitely say get involved. Click here for full details of the #NYNYStyleProject challenge.



  1. Looking stunning sis! You're such a natural beauty.

    Love you x

  2. Awww thank you, really sweet but surely your bias?! Love you too x


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