Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Turban Hats

Turban Hat

Yep just checked outside and yep its still raining, yep its still freezing and yep its still winter! I have worn all of my hats to death and frankly getting quite bored of them so imagine my delight when I stumbled upon this Turban Hat in one of my local charity shops, brand new for only £2.50!! I haven't a clue where this turban hat is originally from as the only tag it had was one that said 'contains cashmere' (or something like that) but I snatched it up and its been firmly placed on my head ever since! Turban hats make me feel so elegant and this one with beads makes it feel vintage. Warm and pretty it's definitely my new favorite.

Turban Hat

Turban Hat

Naturally I've been on the hunt for more turban hats to share with you lovely lot and found that ASOS have a great range of turban hats, this jeweled turban headband is divine and I've got my beady eyes on it!! 

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