Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Glaze - Turns your photos into paintings, free app!

Glaze painting photo edits

I l o v e taking photo with my iPhone and I love editing them just as much so I am always looking for new editing apps. I stumbled across Glaze an amazing free app which transforms your photos into paintings. There are loads of free styles to choose from and its really easy to use, either just simply use the presets or adjust manually. When I initially downloaded Glaze I thought I would have a quick play and then get on with something a little more productive but I got hooked and literally spent hours editing! So I thought I really should share the love and tell you all about it. I am so pleased with the results that I am going to try printing some of my Glaze edits out, they would look lovely in the little lads bedroom. 



  1. Phone photography's just getting better and better. If they could make photos that would print larger sizes I think camera sales would drop hugely which I'm not sure would be a good thing actually. This looks like a brilliant app.

    1. It really is, I find it so much easier to capture 'in the moment' shots with my phone. I don't imagine they are too far off from doing just that, scary thought! x

    2. Funny you mentioned that. We are about to release a real time, in camera, version of Glaze. It's called "Painted Camera"...

    3. Sounds brilliant, would love to try this out too!!


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