Monday, 10 February 2014

Toddlers first Hunter wellies

Toddler first Hunter wellies

Toddler hunter wellies

Infant Hunter wellies

Toddlers first wellies

I don't know why but first wellies are so significant to me.  First shoes aren't so important but first wellies actually moves me to tears. I think it something to do with my baby officially being a toddler able and wanting to splash around in muddy puddles.

This is the first day Beaux wore his little Hunters wellies (£4 a steal from eBay) and he loves them so much! When we tried them on at home he immediately threw his rice cake on to the floor and stomped them into the rug with so much enthusiasm and joy I couldn't be annoyed! (lie! I was a little!) He didn't want to take them off so I thought it would be lovely to take him for a little walk to our local park. 

Beaux knew exactly what to do when he met his first puddle, he was a puddle splashing machine!! By the time he was finished with that puddle it was a puddle no more!! He would literally jump in it until there was no more water left and continue on to hunt out his next puddle victim!

It was so lovely to watch, he did take a stumble and fell plonk on his bum (which I did take a photo of after all the damage was already done) and he wasn't in the least bit bothered. We weren't far from home so we headed back via more puddles to a lovely warm bubble bath. I can safely say Beaux is a huge fan of his first pair of little Hunter wellies. 
living arrows


  1. Such gorgeous photos. I love first wellies, my sons feet were so podgy it took us ages to find ones that fitted :)

    1. Thank you, aww which did you choose out of curiosity? x

  2. Your living arrows photo, sat in the puddle is priceless! Well done you for letting him sit there and take your shot instead of dashing over to lift him up, I bet he had a fantastic time there :-)

    1. I was dying to but first wellies are such a significant milestone for us so I had to capture the whole experience! He loved it and we were only minutes from home x

  3. I love the story behind this photo sequence. My son loves puddles too and even when he is not wearing wellies (which isn't always convenient lol) but it's so magical to see them getting excited for something so simple x

    1. Thank you for reading it, haha yes but what does a toddle care about convenience, Beaux certainly doesn't try to make things convenient for me! But like you said its so magical that it would be a sin not to treasure every moment x


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