Tuesday, 18 March 2014

First Hair Cut - Living Arrows

First hair cut

Babys first hair cut

MASSIVE Milestone!!! Beaux's first hair cut!!! I waited until both Tiger and Beaux were at least 18 months old before they had their first hair cut, not for any particularly reason it just worked well  for both of them as they have quite similar hair at that age. It was an impromptu visit to the hairdressers, I was walking passed and having had moved Beaux's fringe from his eyes for about the millionth time decided that today was the day and went in to see if they had time for a quick trim. We had already decided to grow Beaux's hair and not to cut into a style until he's older and use to sitting in the barbers chair.

I thought it would be best if he sat on my lap as there was absolutely no way he would sit still for the poor hairdressers who was really lovely and patient with us both, I say us both as I was close to tears!! he is growing up so fast!!

After plenty of wriggling and luckily no snips to his ears! He was all done, its not hugely different to what he had before but just looks a bit thicker having gotten rid of those wispy baby hair. I of course asked to keep a few curls for the keep sake box and there we have it Beaux's first hair cut, what a big boy!

First hair cut

living arrows


  1. Beaux is so adorable! I LOVE his name. What a super milestone! I think I'll cry when my boy has his first haircut but I don't think it'll be for awhile, I want his hair to grow long first :)

    Fiona @ www.dollydowsie.com

    1. Thank you, you will most certainly cry! I will be growing his hair too, although he already gets called a 'beautiful baby GIRL' at least once a day so may have to rethink that!! x


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