Monday, 3 March 2014

Special Brotherly Moment - Living Arrows

This was taken from an impromptu visit to our new favorite park, the sun was shining a little sniff of spring (which I am absolutely gagging for!) We collected Tiger from school, scooter in hand and went straight to the park. Both little lads burned off some energy and was so well behaved. I received some excellent news while we were out THEN to top it off this happened!! Beaux wanted to ride on Tiger's scooter and instead of shooing him off (which lets face is what would usually happen) He helped him on and slowly and carefully pushed him down the path. Beaux was delighted by getting a ride shouting 'weeeee' and Tiger was delighted by his big brother act, he was so proud and so was I of our little lads.
living arrows


  1. This is too sweet x

  2. Adorable picture. They look like they are bonding and a close team!!! Ever so cute to see in pictures and cherish. #livingarrows

    1. Thank you, I am hoping they will grow up being the best of friends x


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