Thursday, 3 April 2014

Pottery Painting - Leap Frog Ceramics

Pottery Painting - Leap Frog Ceramics

As I mentioned in my Mother's Day post the kids and I went pottery painting at Leap Frog Ceramics. On the morning I told Tiger that's what we were doing and his response was "that sounds boring, why are we doing that? Can't we go to the park instead?" Which is a pretty standard response to things he doesn't know much about or what to expect. So he was a bit grumpy on the way there but his mood lifted as soon as we arrived.

Leap Frog Ceramics is located in the gorgeous Moss End garden centre amongst other little unique quaint shops. When we walked into Leap Frog ceramics I was pleasantly surprised, in my mind I thought it would be small, cold, paint all over the tables and sticky floors but it couldn't be more different! It's lovely, airy and bright with hand painted pottery displayed wall to wall. The staff were really relaxed and welcoming explaining how it worked, recommending colours when layering, pointing out where we could find stencils and stamps and let us just get on with it, there was no hovering over us but were there if we needed anything. Once Tiger realised he could choose what he wanted to paint and pick his own paints and was not being forced to get messy (he's not one for finger painting or getting his hands messy) he got stuck right in, his concentration didn't break until he was finished.

Violet has always been creative and loved every minute of it. Beaux didn't paint as at the time of booking I thought he might have been too young but actually he could have got stuck in too with our help. Instead he played in the little soft play area, visited the 'shark' fish tank and decorated a paper plate.

We really took our time creating our master pieces and handed them in to be set and arranged to collect them in a few days time. 

I actually found Leap Frog Ceramics through a Groupon deal but actually Leap Frog is reasonably priced and would make a fantastic morning/afternoon out. I am really pleased with the finished product, Tiger can't wait to have his cereal out of his bowl. I will definitely be going again, maybe next time without the kids as I would love to design something of my own.



  1. It looks like an amazing place. Off to search for something similar near me now :-)

    1. Definitely do, you will love it!! So pleased with the end result too x


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