Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Zara Boys T-Shirts

Zara Boys T-shirt £3.99

I am at the point where I have all the 'essential' spring/summer clothes I need for the little lads so I have now moved on to the luxury pieces, by that I mean the clothes they don't really need but I love them so much they must be purchased! I don't mind spending a bit more on these pieces as these buys don't happen so often. So when I want something a bit more special I head towards Zara Kids! I love their range and know if I step foot through their doors I wont be leaving empty handed!

I love Zara Boys T-Shirts, they are amazing quality! I've got a thing about 'boxy' tees and prefer the slim lined and longer kind which theirs are. Another thing I love about Zara Boys T-shirts are although they are always great design they aren't heavy on the that transfer material thing that is used to print on T-Shirts (you know the stuff your iron fears! if you put it anywhere near it gets stuck to it!). I always find that t-shirts with a big transfer on it are a bit stiff so affect the shape, are prone to cracking after a few washes and in the summer make the little lads really hot! So I do try not to buy ones without huge transfers.

I can't get enough on these T-shirts, I'm actually scared to go on to their website to find the links as I know I will spot others I will love! and I have!! For Beaux I've seen this hand drawn little pirate cat white tee and one full of pineapples!! And for Tiger a yellow 'The Hamptons' stripped tee!! Oh dear I need them!!

Zara Boys T-shirt £5.99



  1. So cool! I've never looked at Zara Kids. Think I need to rectify that :-)


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