Monday, 26 May 2014

For Him on Fathers Day

With Fathers Day coming up really soon (Sunday 15th June, don't panic you still have loads of time!) I thought I would have a little butchers online for some gift ideas for The Mister, I try not to buy gifts that are nice on the day but doesn't really get much use after that. Here are some of the lovely bits I wanted to share with you that I think he would really like and would make a great gift.

For him on fathers day
1. Polo Shirt River Island £22.00 2. Card PaperChase £2.25 3. Breaking Bad Travel Mug Urban Outfitters £15 4. Monkey Framed Banksy Not on the High £34.99  5. Wayfarers Sunglasses ASOS £12.00


Monday, 19 May 2014

David Emanuel at Bonmarché

I must admit when Bonmarché first asked me to review their new David Emanuel range I wasn't quite sure it was for me, I had a preconceived idea that Bonmarché was for the older ladies, the more mature types. However as a rule I will always have a browse in all clothes shops in case I am missing a trick, you never know what little gems are tucked away. And this was definitely the case with the David Emauel range at Bonmaché, I really was pleasantly surprised! Pretty florals, bold clashing prints and such vibrant colours.

I  was really drawn to this David Emanuel embroidered lace mint top, I think its so feminine, such a pretty colour for spring/summer and easily teamed with a pair of jeans to keep it casual or clashing print trousers to give it a bit of edge. When it arrived I wasn't disappointed! Great quality and fits like a dream, its so flattering! Long in the body, forgiving around my tum and shaped my arms without feeling restrictive. The rose shaped embroidered lace is gorgeous, it has a vintage feel to it and we all know i'm partial to a bit of vintage!

Lace Top Bonmarché £22.50 High waisted Skinny jeans Topshop £36.00 Sandals Clarks Statement Necklace Primark (last season)


Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Can Boys Wear Leggings?

Can boys wear leggings? uh huh hunny!! I am a huge fan of leggings on boys, I always dress Beaux in boys legging. He actually owns one pair of actual jeans, the rest of his wardrobe is made up of leggings and jeggings. I find them so less restrictive and to me there isn't much difference in look to wearing skinny jeans. I started off putting Beaux in plain blues and blacks but now have started getting more adventurous and adding quite loud patterns, I love them!

Beaux can dress in head to toe in blue, with a t-shirt saying "Hi i'm a boy!" and I would still get comments like "what a beautiful little girl, look at those curls!" ...apparently only girls have curls but that's a rant for another day! Anyway I've drifted, when Beaux is wearing leggings I try to make sure the rest of his outfit is quite boyish, although saying that I don't think its essential as i'm all for unisex dressing on babies and toddlers. I equally love seeing little girls dressed in 'boy clothes', surely not all girls like pink, frills and flowers?

It's a shame that I still have to rummage through the girls section to find a cute patterned pair of legging/jeggings for Beaux but a few stores now seem to have a small unisex section but this still seems to be for newborn and babies, I would love to start seeing a larger range. Is it just me or do you feel that there should be more unisex clothes for children?

Boys leggings

Photo from - How to wear clashing prints


Monday, 12 May 2014

Family Bike Ride

We could have totally written off Saturday, one minute the sun was out the next it was pouring with rain! This meant PJs until late into the afternoon until everyone started climbing the walls, we needed to get out of the house. With the weather  being so uncertain we didn't fancy venturing too far afield and having planned a day out to The Natural History museum the following day we decided a bike ride to our local park taking the longest route there would do nicely.

It's just what we needed, all the kiddos squealed with delight when we zoomed down hills, naming the biggest 'The Roller Coaster!' 

Beaux on the back of my bike, tapping me on the back and screaming "GO!!!" Every time I dared to slow down. I've now made him my personal trainer and have vowed to get out on the bike with him at least a few times a week.

On our bike ride we discovered a great secluded picnic area for those hot summer days, I can't wait! A family bike ride for me is one of my most favorite free days out! 

Wednesday, 7 May 2014

May Day Bank Holiday

I love this time of year, there is always a bank holiday not too far away and May Day bank holiday is one of my favorite. It doesn't have the pressure of the other holidays, you don't have to remember to buy chocolate eggs (which I completely forgot to do Easter just passed! bad mum!) or travel around trying to squeeze in and visit as many family members/friends as you can or be anywhere special. The May Day bank holiday just feels like a bonus/free day and we chose to use our free day to visit and relax with the grandparents in Bath. They have an amazing house surrounded by nature, lots of it! The kiddos are in their element there. Its brilliant for them as they can run free, explore and just be kids. The weather was gorgeous so plenty of lounging around in the sun, barbecues and even a bit of yoga (which I loved and will be taking up!) totally relaxing, simple and just lovely! 


Tuesday, 6 May 2014

The Big Chop

So I fancied a change (again!) since starting my hair journey I just don't know how to style my new hair and have basically been living in wigs and crochet braids, which is great for having a quick style change but I've been looking for something a bit more day to day.

Ever since my sister bought be a pixie cut style wig I've wanted short hair but have been really worried about maintenance, I don't know about you but I have to dress at the speed of a superhero in the mornings and a messy up do is my go to school run hairstyle! But my messy up do started to turn less 'up do' to 'up don't' so I knew I had to do something about it. I am really quite impatient and when I get an idea into my head I want to do it there and then (so I don't back out or change my mind!) so ponytail in one hand and scissors in the other I did The Big Chop myself! Very naughty I know, its a bit shabby and when a hairdressers witnessess my hack job they will shudder but for now i'm rather happy with it! It's given my confidence a little boost and so much easier to style.

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