Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Can Boys Wear Leggings?

Can boys wear leggings? uh huh hunny!! I am a huge fan of leggings on boys, I always dress Beaux in boys legging. He actually owns one pair of actual jeans, the rest of his wardrobe is made up of leggings and jeggings. I find them so less restrictive and to me there isn't much difference in look to wearing skinny jeans. I started off putting Beaux in plain blues and blacks but now have started getting more adventurous and adding quite loud patterns, I love them!

Beaux can dress in head to toe in blue, with a t-shirt saying "Hi i'm a boy!" and I would still get comments like "what a beautiful little girl, look at those curls!" ...apparently only girls have curls but that's a rant for another day! Anyway I've drifted, when Beaux is wearing leggings I try to make sure the rest of his outfit is quite boyish, although saying that I don't think its essential as i'm all for unisex dressing on babies and toddlers. I equally love seeing little girls dressed in 'boy clothes', surely not all girls like pink, frills and flowers?

It's a shame that I still have to rummage through the girls section to find a cute patterned pair of legging/jeggings for Beaux but a few stores now seem to have a small unisex section but this still seems to be for newborn and babies, I would love to start seeing a larger range. Is it just me or do you feel that there should be more unisex clothes for children?

Boys leggings

Photo from - How to wear clashing prints


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  1. OMG your boys are so bloody cute. Love leggings on buys!


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