Wednesday, 7 May 2014

May Day Bank Holiday

I love this time of year, there is always a bank holiday not too far away and May Day bank holiday is one of my favorite. It doesn't have the pressure of the other holidays, you don't have to remember to buy chocolate eggs (which I completely forgot to do Easter just passed! bad mum!) or travel around trying to squeeze in and visit as many family members/friends as you can or be anywhere special. The May Day bank holiday just feels like a bonus/free day and we chose to use our free day to visit and relax with the grandparents in Bath. They have an amazing house surrounded by nature, lots of it! The kiddos are in their element there. Its brilliant for them as they can run free, explore and just be kids. The weather was gorgeous so plenty of lounging around in the sun, barbecues and even a bit of yoga (which I loved and will be taking up!) totally relaxing, simple and just lovely! 


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  1. What a beautiful house they have! you have such gorgeous children xxx


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