Monday, 30 June 2014

Boys Summer Shoes

With the summer holidays coming up, I've been looking at my top favorite boys summer shoes. When looking for these I wanted something that is suitable for the beach, playing at the park and obviously very stylish (no Crocs here! sorry Crocs lovers)

1. Shuh £19.99 (sale) 2. Next £21-£23 3. Sun Jellies £12 4. Next £11-£13 5. Office Toms £15 (sale) 6. Office Havaianas £13.99


Living Arrow - Back Again

This is probably one of my favorite recent photos of the little lads. I love how Tiger knows the ropes and Beaux just watches his big brother and cautiously approaches. Its actually so unlike Beaux, he would usually go running straight into whatever adventure takes his fancy with a worried mummy looking on.

living arrows

Sunday, 29 June 2014

Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Barry M Metallic Eye Liner

Barry M Metallic Eye Liner

My new thing is Metallic coloured eye liner and I love this green one from Barry M is my current favorite. I am one of those ladies that wont step out of the door without mascara, I love love love mascara! The rest of my face can be nude but I must have eye makeup and because of this I find that I can look the same whether i'm doing the school run or out for drinks (I just put more on) So adding a splash of colour on the brim of my bottom lashes has given me a different look entirely.

Green Barry M Metallic eye liner

Super Soft Crayon By Barry M

Metallic Liquid Eye Liner by Barry M

I always loved this look but thought it was only a look for ladies with coloured eyes, I think metallic blue on blue eyes just make the eyes shine and look sparkly and metallic green on hazel eyes is stunning. My eyes are very dark brown (really dark you can barely see my pupils) and black eye liner and smokey eye can work well but never thought greens and blues would, but I am really happy with how it looks. I haven't been daring enough to try both Barry M Metallic eye liners along the top and bottom lashes, it may be a little too much for the school run or play dates so I think I will save this look for a night out.

Green Eye Liner


Monday, 23 June 2014

At Britmums Live 2014

This was my second time to Britmums Live (UK bloggers parenting conference) the first time I went to Britmums Live I had only been blogging for a few months so was daunted and so nervous but came away having learnt loads, met some great brands and a few other lovely bloggers. This year was a little different, I had a creepy list of 'bloggers I really want to meet in the flesh' Modern Mummy, Style Me Sunday, Brummy Mummy, MAM VIB, Mummy Endevors , Rock n Roller Baby and An Essex Wife to name but a few.  I also wanted to make the most of the easy access to brands I thought would be a great fit with Little Likely Lads. And to meet the lovely lot at Butlins just to thank them for giving me the opportunity of being a Butlins ambassador the past year and to wink and nod as if to say 'choose me again this year' I think they just thought I had something in my eye! I felt a lot more confident this year in what Little Likely Lads is all about and where I want it to go. I came away feeling I had the information and encouragement to make those changes happen.

Britmums Live 2014

So down to the important stuff - What I wore to Britmums Live

From last years Britmums Live I realised it's important to dress however makes you feel at your most confident but having labeled myself a 'style blogger' I still had in the back of my mind 'make a little effort otherwise others might questions why I'd labelled myself that' on the Friday I planned to talk with the brands so I wanted to look reasonable smart, I also wanted something that took me from day to night with just a few adjustments to my makeup. So opted for this tea dress and my most favorite and comfortable brogues. I only wish this sun jellies bag was mine but I nabbed it from the super stylish Style Me Sunday.

What to wear to Britmums Live
Dress Urban Outfitters, Brogues Clarks, Bag Sun Jellies
On the Saturday I won't lie I was feeling a little worse for wear, I had planned to wear a blouse from Zara put when I took it out of my suitcase it was so crumpled, I just couldn't face ironing it so opted for this lime t-shirt, high waisted jeans and trusty burgundy converse, it was pretty casual and nothing to write home about so added my favorite statement necklace and a headband , I think it gave me the right amount of pick me up without looking like I tried too hard (which I definitely hadn't!) but I felt comfortable and it was a good outfit to travel back home in.

Britmums Live Outfit
Top Zara, Jeans Topshop, Converse Office, Bag Urban Outfitter, Shopper Bag Primark
My most favorite session was the Instagram talk (shock horror, I'm a Instagram fiend!!) Marte Forsberg gave some great tips from taking great photos with beautiful natural light to making sure you are engaging with your followers and the brands you would like to work with. She also stressed the importance of your profile picture, if it looks rubbish then people will assume the rest of your feed is rubbish too, so I swiftly changed mine!!

I found the Pinterest session the most helpful, I have sworn to spend more time on mine and give it a huge revamp. What I took away from the session was to get pinning! Have as many boards as I like and pin as much as I like, with clear descriptions on each pins so they are easily searchable. And get myself a Pin It Button on this here blog.

I also loved Captured By Lucy, I love her blog and her photography, she's inspired me to have a design revamp of Little Likely Lads so watch this space! 

So all in all Britmums Live inspired me to make changes on my blog/social media and I met some amazing bloggers and hopefully new friends. 

Oops not lets not forget the goodie bag, who doesn't love a goodie bag?!! There were some great products but my favorite had to be th Joules Scarf, I am not posh enough to know the right way to tie a scarf so I just stuck it on my head and I love it!!

Joules Scarf
Joules Scarf


Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Bicycle Diaries

Bike Ride

So in attempt to lose some weight and feel healthier, I have decide to try to get out on Binky (my little vintage town bike) a few times a week, even if it's just for 30 minutes. With my mini trainer on the back, if I dare to slow down Beaux shouts 'GO' and prods me!!

I wanted to record our little mini adventures and hopefully as I look back I realise we have explored a little further each time with a bit more ease. 

Plus going on a bike ride, stopping to feed ducks and being greeted by little baby goslings who wanted to get up close and personal - added bonus! 

Monday, 9 June 2014

Boys Yellow Shorts

Boys Yellow Shorts

I love these boys yellow shorts on Tiger, they are so fun and really suit his personality. I am slightly obsessed with yellow at the moment, for me yellow is the perfect summer colour. If you are feeling bluh, wear yellow and I will almost guarantee you will feel more perky and if not, eat cake!! That always works for me.

When wearing bright loud colours I tend to tone it down with a less brightly coloured top and shoes unless I deliberately want to create a mash up of clashing colours then I would have matched it up with this red Zara tee, it would have given his outfit a completely different look.

Yellow boys shorts

Boys Shorts Yellow

Top Primark £3.00, Shorts H&M sale last season, Shoes Lee Cooper Sports Direct £6.00 sale
These boys yellow shorts are from H&M they are actually chino styles but I turn them up so they look a little more casual. I found them in the sale last season so are no longer available but I found these other lovely boys yellow shorts instead.
Boys Yellow Shorts

1.Next £7.00-£9.00 2.H&M £4.99 3.Pumpkin Patch sale £8.40 4.H&M £14.99 5.River Island £12.00


Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Our long weekend

The weather this half term was a bit of a let down and I had the migraine from hell the entire week so wasn't up for much! The Mister had taken the Friday off work and we arranged to visit his mum in Poole regardless of the weather, we all needed a change of scenary.

As luck would have it the sun got his hat on (hip hip hooray!) and we found ourselves at the beach late into the evening. It was lovely for us all to get some sea air after having been cooped up all week. 

Sandbanks Beach Poole

Desperate to make the most of the sun we decided to go on a mini cruise from Poole Quay to Brownsea Island, it was perfect. Watching Beaux spotting 'sharkies' (sharks) was priceless. 

Poole Quay Boat Ride

The sun was still out on Sunday so thought we would have a little explore of the area of our new home to be. I'm desperately trying not to get too excited as we already had a house fall through but I wear my heart on my sleeve and have fallen hook line and sinker!! A short walk through meadows to the river, what's not to fall in love with??! Please keep your fingers crossed for us and a swift exchange!!

Thames River Side


Tuesday, 3 June 2014

DIY Super Mario Birthday Party

Super Mario Star Cookies
Super Mario Star Cookies

Last week was Tiger's 5th birthday party and he desperately wanted a Super Mario themed birthday party which I was delighted with as I use to play Super Mario Brothers when I was younger.

I really wanted to do a DIY Super Mario party so I could customise with Tiger's favorite Super Mario characters and also to keep the costs down. We had handmade Super Mario bomb bunting, a Super Mario personalised Bowser centre pieced flag, Super Mario mustache straws, Super Mario ghost balloons and a Bowser pinata all easily made by myself but in all my hast I uncharacteristically forgot to take any photos (I know shock horror!!) But take my word for it, Tiger loved every little detail and although time consumming for a larger birthday party it was all worth it to see the delight and excitement on his sweet little face.

Super Mario loot bag fillers
Super Mario Water Bombs - Loot Bag Fillers
Super Mario DIY Loot Bag and Labels
Super Mario DIY Loot Bag and Labels
Super Mario Birthday Cake
Super Mario Birthday Cake


Monday, 2 June 2014

Tiger's 5th Birthday Party at Charters Leisure Centre

 Last week was Tiger's 5th birthday party, I can't believe my baby is five years old already! In my family the 5th birthday was always a big deal, officially out of those toddler years, going to school and being able to read and write! Most of Tigers previous birthdays have been smaller and more intimate with a few friends and family but for his 5th I wanted something a little more special, the only specification Tiger had was 'it has to be a Super Mario party, wants a huge bouncy castle and one of those parachute thingys!' So through a friend I found Charters Leisure Centre.

I couldn't be more impressed with Charters Leisure Centre, bright, airy, clean, modern halls. From the moment we arrived the coaches took over, setting up tables and even helping us hang the pinata, which was brilliant as I was running a bit late and feeling flustered. Once the guest arrived the Charter Leisure Centre Coaches decided to take advantage of the lovely weather and took the children outside with the huge parachute. The Coaches played games and while they ensured all the children and parents were having fun playing parachute games they also made sure Tiger knew it was his special day.

After all the squealing, screams and laughter with the parachute the coaches led the children to the gymnasium, queuing them up in a line, marching them like little soldiers and then flying airplanes until they reached the gymnasium where the mother of all bouncy castles was awaiting. I have never in my life seen a bouncy castle so big! They let Tiger loose on it first then we all piled on, parents included! Even Tiger's granddad was having a good old bounce, showing the young ones how its done!! It was amazing, so much fun! The Coaches let the kiddios enjoy themselves for a while but later teamed them up with parents to play bouncy castle games.

Having worked up a huge appetite the coaches led the children to the hall for lunch where we ate, got Super Mario temporary tattoos, played a very short one swing game of pinata and wished Tiger a very happy 5th birthday!

Tiger declared it 'THE best birthday party EVER!!' I can't thank Charters Leisure Centre and their coaches enough, the party ran so smoothly, there was never a dull moment and I believe all the children and parents had an amazing time! I know Tiger, Beaux and Violet slept well that night!!

 For more information on Charters Leisure Centre birthday parties please click here

Disclosure: I was offered a discount on the Charters Leisure Centre party in exchange for the review. All opinions and photography is my own.
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