Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Our long weekend

The weather this half term was a bit of a let down and I had the migraine from hell the entire week so wasn't up for much! The Mister had taken the Friday off work and we arranged to visit his mum in Poole regardless of the weather, we all needed a change of scenary.

As luck would have it the sun got his hat on (hip hip hooray!) and we found ourselves at the beach late into the evening. It was lovely for us all to get some sea air after having been cooped up all week. 

Sandbanks Beach Poole

Desperate to make the most of the sun we decided to go on a mini cruise from Poole Quay to Brownsea Island, it was perfect. Watching Beaux spotting 'sharkies' (sharks) was priceless. 

Poole Quay Boat Ride

The sun was still out on Sunday so thought we would have a little explore of the area of our new home to be. I'm desperately trying not to get too excited as we already had a house fall through but I wear my heart on my sleeve and have fallen hook line and sinker!! A short walk through meadows to the river, what's not to fall in love with??! Please keep your fingers crossed for us and a swift exchange!!

Thames River Side


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