Monday, 2 June 2014

Tiger's 5th Birthday Party at Charters Leisure Centre

 Last week was Tiger's 5th birthday party, I can't believe my baby is five years old already! In my family the 5th birthday was always a big deal, officially out of those toddler years, going to school and being able to read and write! Most of Tigers previous birthdays have been smaller and more intimate with a few friends and family but for his 5th I wanted something a little more special, the only specification Tiger had was 'it has to be a Super Mario party, wants a huge bouncy castle and one of those parachute thingys!' So through a friend I found Charters Leisure Centre.

I couldn't be more impressed with Charters Leisure Centre, bright, airy, clean, modern halls. From the moment we arrived the coaches took over, setting up tables and even helping us hang the pinata, which was brilliant as I was running a bit late and feeling flustered. Once the guest arrived the Charter Leisure Centre Coaches decided to take advantage of the lovely weather and took the children outside with the huge parachute. The Coaches played games and while they ensured all the children and parents were having fun playing parachute games they also made sure Tiger knew it was his special day.

After all the squealing, screams and laughter with the parachute the coaches led the children to the gymnasium, queuing them up in a line, marching them like little soldiers and then flying airplanes until they reached the gymnasium where the mother of all bouncy castles was awaiting. I have never in my life seen a bouncy castle so big! They let Tiger loose on it first then we all piled on, parents included! Even Tiger's granddad was having a good old bounce, showing the young ones how its done!! It was amazing, so much fun! The Coaches let the kiddios enjoy themselves for a while but later teamed them up with parents to play bouncy castle games.

Having worked up a huge appetite the coaches led the children to the hall for lunch where we ate, got Super Mario temporary tattoos, played a very short one swing game of pinata and wished Tiger a very happy 5th birthday!

Tiger declared it 'THE best birthday party EVER!!' I can't thank Charters Leisure Centre and their coaches enough, the party ran so smoothly, there was never a dull moment and I believe all the children and parents had an amazing time! I know Tiger, Beaux and Violet slept well that night!!

 For more information on Charters Leisure Centre birthday parties please click here

Disclosure: I was offered a discount on the Charters Leisure Centre party in exchange for the review. All opinions and photography is my own.

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