Thursday, 31 July 2014

NYNYStyleProject - July 14

Day 20. Print
Whoop! Whoop! NYNYStyleProject created by Modern Mummy and An Essex Wife is back! I loved taking part in the Instagram and Twitter style project at the beginning of the year (click here to see previous months) so was delighted to hear it was back. The daily prompts didn't disappoint and had me digging to the depths of my wardrobe for pieces I had totally forgotten I even owned or finally wearing those sandals I had been meaning to give another go (and so glad I did as they are now a firm favorite this summer)

Here's a little look at my interpretation of the NyNyStyleProject daily prompts, for all see Little Likely Lads Instagram account

NYNYStyleProject July
Left to Right NYNYStyleProject Daily Prompts: Shorts, Multi-use, Bold, Summer Essential, Girlie, Shiny, Childhood Memories, Rainbow, Leopard Print, White Shirt.
Day 9. Charity Shop
If you would like to join in for August, click here for the new daily  prompts and don't forget to hash-tag #NyNyStyleProject it's a great way to find a little style inspiration each day.


Monday, 28 July 2014

Design and Create your own Leather Camera Strap Workshop - with Elizabeth Dunn

Last week I was invited to attend Elizabeth Dunn's design and create your own leather camera strap workshop. My DSLR (Lola-Rae yes I name my camera!) comes with me every where and if I'm honest I am not a huge fan of the standard Nikon camera strap and had always planned to buy a new one, so when the opportunity to create my own camera strap at the studio of Elizabeth Dunn an amazing leather footwear and accessories Designer I was so excited.I arrived at Studio 310 a short walk from Holborn with style blogger friends Nat from Style me Sunday and Katy from Modern Mummy, we were met by Elizabeth Dunn who instantly made me feel welcomed, the studio itself was situated in a stunning cobbled courtyard and oozed character. I loved that the minute you walked in you felt like beautiful pieces had been lovingly created right here.

Elizabeth Dunn had laid out all of her beautiful amazing quality leathers for us to choose from, I was like a child in a toy shop, picking, oohing and stroking the high quality leathers. Before I went I thought I would go for something bright, turquoise or mustard but Elizabeth suggested that less was more, I knew I wanted bold and detailed studding so opted for super soft black bulls hide leather for the main neck strap with cream detailing. When it came to choosing the studs I was instantly drawn to a pair of vintage style eagle heads, the detail on them was perfect.Elizabeth then explained step by step how to create our camera strap, she was so professional, patient and the whole time I felt completely at ease. I then got to work tracing, cutting, studding and stamping my leather, Elizabeth was always there helping when I needed it.

I am so pleased with my leather camera strap and have been parading around with it like its a necklace, I love it! I'm looking forward to it getting a bit older as the high quality leather will only look better with age.

Katy, Myself and Nat with our finished leather camera straps.

I have never done a workshop before but I absolutely loved it, I loved learning new skills and then walking away with a leather camera strap that I adore and created myself. 

Elizabeth Dunn offers handmade camera straps from £85 on her Website, to discuss a bespoke camera strap or to attend a workshops Click Here.

Disclosure - I attended the workshop free of charge in exchange for this review. All opinions and photography are my own


Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Zara yellow blouse

Zara yellow blouse

Zara is my go to for blouses or shirts for myself, they are always nice fitting, quality fabric and have gorgeous bold prints, I always feel rather sophisticated in a Zara Blouse.

Yellow is my all time favorite colour in the summer so this is probably why this Zara blouse is my current favorite, that and its light material, flattering neckline and longer back for those 'does my bum look big in this' days. I also love that although I would consider this a blouse although it doesn't actually have any buttons, this is great for me. I struggle finding the right blouse with my big boobs, shirts/blouses tend to either gape between button holes, pop open at the worse possible times (actually when is a good time?!!) or I end up buying them too big which is just ends up being unflattering and therefore never worn more than once. So a blouse without any buttons is a great alternative for me, but I have made it my mission to find a nice fitted shirt that doesn't do any of the above and when I do, I will come back and report my findings!

Zara Blouse

Zara womens shirt


Monday, 21 July 2014

All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth

Huge milestone for Tiger this week, he lost a tooth!! Literally!! "Tiger where's your  tooth?" I asked him one day after school while fighting back tears, I can't believe my baby is already at the age where his body believes he is old enough to have adult teeth, I can't believe he is at this stage already!! It feels like only yesterday I was counting how many had come through, spending long nights awake holding him during teething AND his response to this huge milestone was "dunno, lost it in the play ground!!" What??! After being very wobbly for about a week it fell out while playing at school and he couldn't find it. I was so disappointed, what exactly would the tooth fairy collect that night??! We decided a little letter to the tooth fairy would suffice and sure she would leave a pound coin for such a lovely drawing of his tooth (blood included!)  she did! and Tiger treated himself the very next day.

Less than a week afterwards the second tooth fell out and if I'm honest it looks less gappy cute and more like he's been fighting after a night out on the town!! But don't tell him I said that, he's pretty proud of his gap. 
living arrows

Thursday, 17 July 2014

Hughenden Victorian Weekend - National Trust

Last weekend we visited Hughenden National Trust, it was our first time visiting Hughenden as we fancied a National Trust we hadn't been to before. We checked online before we set off and were lucky enough to be going on the same day as the Hughenden Victorian Weekend. It was amazing, lots of actors dressed up from the Victoria era were strolling around the grounds, stopping to talk to us in character. There was also an informative display of soldiers and Zulus, it went over Tiger and Beaux's head but they liked seeing the soldiers march ,shoot and then dress up as our own little soliders. The stalls itself were more catered for children, Tiger came away learning loads about mermaids, blood bowls, mummies and brains (of course loving all things spooky he made a bee line to the stall with gruesome items laid out) Violet and The Mister really enjoyed learning how they made ice cream, even being able to sample some.

All of our favorite part was the Victorian Garden Games, bowling, croquet, lucky horse shoe throwing and many more games laid out in the stunning gardens. It wasn't busy at all, so we let our competitive nature shine and played games for ages until we stopped for ice cream. 

Hughenden itself is as beautiful as you expect from a National Trust, its quite large and surrounded by woodland so loads to explore. There is a huge manor house but we spent so much time with the Victorian activities that we never made it into the house but will definitely visit again to have a nose around the manor house, it would make a lovely wet day activity.

Hughenden is going on our list of favorite National Trust family friendly days out, along with Greys Court Baildon and Cliveden

We are National Trust Members, so this day out was free, I can't stress how much we use our membership especially with the summer holidays we will be visiting non stop! Its just an easy, cheap day out which we know we all will enjoy. I highly recommend buying an annual family pass.


Tuesday, 15 July 2014

River Island Boys T-Shirts

River Island Boys T-shirt

River Island Boys

I can't get enough of the boys section in River Island, it's my go to store when I'm looking for something super trendy and well made for Tiger as I know I will always find something that suits his personality.

It's a little more expensive than say H&M but I always feel like I can get something more unique, a bit bolder, quirkier and more suitable for his age. I bought this eagle print t-shirt in the sale for only £4 and I love it, its so easy to wear, light weight without any big design transfers on it and it will literally go with anything.River Island currently have a sale, I grabbed loads of bargains for myself, Tiger and Violet. I've just seen they have added a mini 0-3 section which is exciting news.
Cool River Island Boys


Monday, 14 July 2014

KyNa Boutique - Shark Printed Top

KyNa Boutique is currently my new favorite online boutique for Beaux. It all started with this shark printed top, Beaux is border line obsessed with sharks so this organic ava & luc printed shark top from KyNa Boutique is perfect for him. I had planned to save it for his shark themed birthday party but when he saw it for the first time his eyes glistened as he pointed out each shark "shark! Shark! SHARK SHARKIE!!" so how could I not let him wear it the very next day?!!

Top Ana && Luc KyNa Boutique £12 (sale) Shorts (Old cut off jeans) Shoes Sun Jellies £12
The quality of this top is amazing, it is a great shape and such vibrant colours. Being organic it feels lovely to touch which will be great for when Beaux has an eczema flare up, it wont irritate him further. 
I ordered it in a size 2-3yrs and it's a little big for him at the moment, but I love it oversized and just tucked one part in his shorts. I will definitely get my money's worth as I could see it fitting until he 3 1/2 years old!

living arrows

Saturday, 12 July 2014

Thursday, 10 July 2014

Tips for Selling at a Car Boot Sale

Tips for selling at a car boot sale

Last weekend we sold at our first car boot sale and wish I had read a 'tips for selling at car boot sale' article before we went. Although we sold loads and made much more money than we imagined there are a few things I will do differently the next time.

I love rummaging around at a car boot sale, I love to find unique little treasures at ridiculously cheap prices but with loads of stalls to choose from what makes me stop and have a good root through that particular stall? Here's a few things to think about when setting up your stall...

  • Make your Stall look Pretty & Tidy - Although I love to rummage, I want to know roughly what i'm rummaging through especially if I am on the hunt for something in particular. Group certain items together and think about other items the buyer might be interested in and keep them nearby. For example if you are selling baby toys put children clothes nearby too, chances are they will have more than one child.
  • Find a Gimmick/Point of Interest - Randomly we had a Halloween decoration on our stall, it was a pretty scary head that shouts "Hey you, I'm watching you" as it sensed someone walking by. It made so many people laugh, jump and generally be curious which in turn gave us the opportunity to try and sell them something or at the very least they would have a quick browse at our stall. 
  • Be engaging - Smile! Who doesn't want to talk to a smiley face. If someone is having a good rummage ask them if there is something they are looking for in particular you might just have it or something similar.
  • Move your items about - Keep moving your items about, if you have some items in boxes lay some interesting items on the table. A lot of buyers will do two loops of the site, if you move it about they might then spot something they didn't see the first time around.
  • Haggle - Don't be shy to haggle the best price you can get, most buyers are expecting a bit of haggling so ask for a little more than you actually want for it, you might then just get what you really want for it and the buyer walks away feeling like they've got a deal too.
  • Up-Selling - Try your hand at up-selling, we had a couple who were heavily pregnant who initially wanted to buy a newborn car seat from us but left with the car seat, a newborn hand print cast, a moses basket and stand, a door bouncer and newborn sleeping bag!
  • Essentials -  I was starving! We arrived at the car boot sale at 6am and wasn't able to leave until 1pm, we didn't have the time to grab breakfast and the food on site didn't look very appetising and was quite expensive so I wish I had taken a packed lunch with me. Also take/wear clothing appropriate to the weather, that could mean from wellies to sun hats, we were lucky and had lovely sunny weather.

I hope you found these tips for selling at a car boot sale useful, if you are a pro car booter and I've missed any tricks of the trade then let me know and I will add them to the list. Or if you are a newbie like myself and give these tips ago, then let me know how you get on.


Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Playsuits for curvy ladies

Playsuit for curvy ladies

Bold playsuit

Playsuits for curvy ladies - yuk! I actually hate that title but that is exactly what this post is about. I don't know why I hate that term 'curvy lady', yes I have curves and yes I am a lady *coughs* but the two words put together gives me shivers. Anyway I will move on now I have got that off my chest! I really love the look of shorts but I just do not feel comfortable in them so I always find them to be unflattering on my thighs but I've always loved the look of play suits so why should I miss out on them just because I am curvy? Well I won't I tell ya, I just wont, its all about finding the right shape to fit you. Having tried loads, I think I've cracked it, slightly flared shorts, bold patterns and our curvy womens staple 'a wrap dress' but in the form of a playsuit. The material of the play suit is also key, I think its worth spending a bit more so the material is of good quality, a clingy material will add on those pounds instantly. And of course heels always makes your legs look slimmer and longer, I opted for a comfy low wedge heel.

My playsuit is last season so no longer available but here are a few other beautiful playsuits for curvy ladies, I am quite tempted by the ASOS rain forest one.

Playsuits for curvy ladies


Saturday, 5 July 2014

Living Arrows

I desperately want a close up photo of both of the little lads together but its becoming increasingly more difficult, both little lads are always so busy off doing their own thing and don't have time to stay still and pose for a photo, except for bath time where there is no escaping! However saying that you can see Beaux has already spotted something of more interest and Tiger is squeezing out a quick 'hurry up would you' smile but  I don't care I will take what I can get now, I still love it and they will thank me when they are older (I hope!)
living arrows

Silent Sunday 06.07.14


Friday, 4 July 2014

Washing Lines and Giggles

Today I really struggled to get going, it was a beautiful sunny day which is usually enough to make me pack a picnic, grab a blanket, bundle Beaux in the car and set off for a mini adventure but not today.

This week has been a rollercoaster of emotions, at the top was winning a holiday!! (More of this to follow) and low is struggling with Tigers terrible hayfever, it's so bad and my heart feels heavy for him. Plus who knew the road to buying a house was so stressful??! So come today I just couldn't get going. 

After lunch I hung out freshly washed bed sheets on the washing line, which is like a red drag to a bull for Beaux. He ran out into the garden in nothing but his PJ bottoms (yes he was still in his PJs at lunch time!) and in fits of laughter wrapped himself up in them screaming "Where B? Peak a boo mummy!!" It was the cutest thing ever! My mood changed instantly, as I chased him around the garden as the 'mummy monster who tickles' it's funny how these little people have such a huge impact on our mood and today I'm feeling so incredibly grateful for that. Now off to collect that other little person who makes me belly laugh every day! Have a lovely weekend x


Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Cheap Days Out Idea with Toddlers

I like to go out most days with Beaux so I am always looking out for cheap days out ideas. Beaux is still at that age where he is curious and impressed with everything so I can get away with taking him to our local pet store to look at animals, or to the park to feed ducks or just go on a bike ride. Another activity we enjoy doing as a cheap day out is going to our local garden centre, we tend to drop Tiger off at school and go straight to meet up with a friend for a coffee and sneaky cake or go it alone for some quality mummy and Beaux time. I find going first thing in the morning means we pretty much get the place to ourselves.

We are lucky that not only does our garden centre have stunning flowers that Beaux enjoys looking at, smelling and looking out for bees but they have a small soft play area which is great for toddlers. It also has a small pet corner and brilliant aquarium. 

The soft play costs just £1.50 for an hour, which is plenty enough time for Beaux and if I'm trying to keep costs down I will bring him his own little snack and drink which he has on the way home in the car.   

We then go to visit Nemo and the gang at the aquarium and feed the enormous fish (a small bag of fish food is only 20p) Beaux loves feeding the fishes and squeals with delight when they pop their heads from under the water to nibble the food. Okay it's not a full day out but you could definitely spend a morning there and for £1.70 (soft play and fish feeding) we go often!! It's also a great place to go if it's raining as it's all under shelter. 
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