Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Cheap Days Out Idea with Toddlers

I like to go out most days with Beaux so I am always looking out for cheap days out ideas. Beaux is still at that age where he is curious and impressed with everything so I can get away with taking him to our local pet store to look at animals, or to the park to feed ducks or just go on a bike ride. Another activity we enjoy doing as a cheap day out is going to our local garden centre, we tend to drop Tiger off at school and go straight to meet up with a friend for a coffee and sneaky cake or go it alone for some quality mummy and Beaux time. I find going first thing in the morning means we pretty much get the place to ourselves.

We are lucky that not only does our garden centre have stunning flowers that Beaux enjoys looking at, smelling and looking out for bees but they have a small soft play area which is great for toddlers. It also has a small pet corner and brilliant aquarium. 

The soft play costs just £1.50 for an hour, which is plenty enough time for Beaux and if I'm trying to keep costs down I will bring him his own little snack and drink which he has on the way home in the car.   

We then go to visit Nemo and the gang at the aquarium and feed the enormous fish (a small bag of fish food is only 20p) Beaux loves feeding the fishes and squeals with delight when they pop their heads from under the water to nibble the food. Okay it's not a full day out but you could definitely spend a morning there and for £1.70 (soft play and fish feeding) we go often!! It's also a great place to go if it's raining as it's all under shelter. 

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