Saturday, 5 July 2014

Living Arrows

I desperately want a close up photo of both of the little lads together but its becoming increasingly more difficult, both little lads are always so busy off doing their own thing and don't have time to stay still and pose for a photo, except for bath time where there is no escaping! However saying that you can see Beaux has already spotted something of more interest and Tiger is squeezing out a quick 'hurry up would you' smile but  I don't care I will take what I can get now, I still love it and they will thank me when they are older (I hope!)
living arrows


  1. I love this shot I am a sucker for a close up on the eyes, I can barely ever get a shot of mine that are not blurry let alone all 3 of them x

    1. Thanks Kara, its almost impossible! I usually have to wait until they are asleep! x


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