Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Playsuits for curvy ladies

Playsuit for curvy ladies

Bold playsuit

Playsuits for curvy ladies - yuk! I actually hate that title but that is exactly what this post is about. I don't know why I hate that term 'curvy lady', yes I have curves and yes I am a lady *coughs* but the two words put together gives me shivers. Anyway I will move on now I have got that off my chest! I really love the look of shorts but I just do not feel comfortable in them so I always find them to be unflattering on my thighs but I've always loved the look of play suits so why should I miss out on them just because I am curvy? Well I won't I tell ya, I just wont, its all about finding the right shape to fit you. Having tried loads, I think I've cracked it, slightly flared shorts, bold patterns and our curvy womens staple 'a wrap dress' but in the form of a playsuit. The material of the play suit is also key, I think its worth spending a bit more so the material is of good quality, a clingy material will add on those pounds instantly. And of course heels always makes your legs look slimmer and longer, I opted for a comfy low wedge heel.

My playsuit is last season so no longer available but here are a few other beautiful playsuits for curvy ladies, I am quite tempted by the ASOS rain forest one.

Playsuits for curvy ladies



  1. That play suit looks great on you! I love the print. It's great to have something that's stylish and comfortable and requires little effort. All in ones tick all the boxes :) X

  2. Thanks hun, I am go glad to add 'playsuits' to my wardrobe. Great for running about with the little lads too x


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