Thursday, 10 July 2014

Tips for Selling at a Car Boot Sale

Tips for selling at a car boot sale

Last weekend we sold at our first car boot sale and wish I had read a 'tips for selling at car boot sale' article before we went. Although we sold loads and made much more money than we imagined there are a few things I will do differently the next time.

I love rummaging around at a car boot sale, I love to find unique little treasures at ridiculously cheap prices but with loads of stalls to choose from what makes me stop and have a good root through that particular stall? Here's a few things to think about when setting up your stall...

  • Make your Stall look Pretty & Tidy - Although I love to rummage, I want to know roughly what i'm rummaging through especially if I am on the hunt for something in particular. Group certain items together and think about other items the buyer might be interested in and keep them nearby. For example if you are selling baby toys put children clothes nearby too, chances are they will have more than one child.
  • Find a Gimmick/Point of Interest - Randomly we had a Halloween decoration on our stall, it was a pretty scary head that shouts "Hey you, I'm watching you" as it sensed someone walking by. It made so many people laugh, jump and generally be curious which in turn gave us the opportunity to try and sell them something or at the very least they would have a quick browse at our stall. 
  • Be engaging - Smile! Who doesn't want to talk to a smiley face. If someone is having a good rummage ask them if there is something they are looking for in particular you might just have it or something similar.
  • Move your items about - Keep moving your items about, if you have some items in boxes lay some interesting items on the table. A lot of buyers will do two loops of the site, if you move it about they might then spot something they didn't see the first time around.
  • Haggle - Don't be shy to haggle the best price you can get, most buyers are expecting a bit of haggling so ask for a little more than you actually want for it, you might then just get what you really want for it and the buyer walks away feeling like they've got a deal too.
  • Up-Selling - Try your hand at up-selling, we had a couple who were heavily pregnant who initially wanted to buy a newborn car seat from us but left with the car seat, a newborn hand print cast, a moses basket and stand, a door bouncer and newborn sleeping bag!
  • Essentials -  I was starving! We arrived at the car boot sale at 6am and wasn't able to leave until 1pm, we didn't have the time to grab breakfast and the food on site didn't look very appetising and was quite expensive so I wish I had taken a packed lunch with me. Also take/wear clothing appropriate to the weather, that could mean from wellies to sun hats, we were lucky and had lovely sunny weather.

I hope you found these tips for selling at a car boot sale useful, if you are a pro car booter and I've missed any tricks of the trade then let me know and I will add them to the list. Or if you are a newbie like myself and give these tips ago, then let me know how you get on.


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