Sunday, 21 September 2014

2nd Birthday and Chicken Pox

It was Beaux's 2nd birthday last week, I can't believe he is already two years old. I started panicking thinking that he was no longer considered a toddler anymore but after inquiring with plenty of lovely friends the general consensus (after a little emotional blackmail) is that toddlers are up to three years old not two as I feared, which was music to my ears. As much as I love watching him grow into this fearless, funny and loving little boy, its all happening far too quickly for my liking!

We hadn't planned much for the day of his birthday as it fell on a week day but had arranged to go to London Aquarium at the weekend, Beaux loves and is slightly obsessed with sharks so he would have loved this, but mother nature had other plans for us and decided it was time Beaux caught chicken pox. We were really lucky as his was really mild, he was a bit clingy and feeling a little under the weather but luckily he only had a few spots which didn't really seem to bother him too much.

We still wanted to make the most of the day even with being confined to the house. The night before we put balloons up, filled his new teepee up with birthday presents and customised a 'sharkie cake' his only demand of the day. He was so excited when he woke up following the trail of balloons through the house to the teepee, he dived right in opening his gifts, with the help of Tiger of course.

Throughout the day he had a few visitors, danced to the hum of his new harmonica, ate cake, ate ice cream, ate more cake, dressed up as a dinosaur and played with his new toys. He seem to really enjoy his day and still keeps watching the little birthday video I made for him over and over and over again, I swear I can still hear the theme tune as I fall asleep at night.

I love how even with chicken pox he still managed to play, smile, laugh and dance. And even though he is two years old now still happy to curl up with me for a sleepy cuddle. Love this little lad, happy birthday.

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  1. Aww Happy Birthday little one - I'm sorry you had chicken pox but it looks like the celebrations were wonderful just the same - and the sharks will still be there another time!

  2. Aww happy Birthday Dude....He was a real trooper with the pox, poor fella. & I LOVe that teepee!! XX

  3. Awww, that last picture is so adorable!! Happy birthday to your little boy, it looks like he had a blast x

  4. I love the photos, looks like the pox didn't stop him from enjoying his birthday. What timing though! x


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