Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Cute Toddler Halloween Costume

cute toddler halloween costume
Cat Onesie H&M Sale £3 (find similar here)
We love Halloween, the perfect excuse for me to dress the littlest lad in super cute Halloween costumes. Last year I dressed him in a cute pumpkin costume (it's an unwritten rule that all babies in our family dress as a pumpkin and have photo taken in a laundry basket!) this year he's a seriously spooky (not at all spooky) black cat.

This black cat onesie was a bargain I found in the sales at H&M after Halloween for just a few pounds. Beaux actually wears it all year round, its usually something I bundle him in after a swimming lesson or even for the school run on those days when I'm running really late, well its either that or his PJs! At least with the onesie I can get away with pretending its intentional.

A black cat halloween costume is not hugely creative and maybe not massively inspiring but it's fuss free with minimal face paint and incredible adorable. Beaux love his cat onesie and runs around meowing (loudly!) it's all just far too cute! 

cat onesie

toddler cat costume


Friday, 24 October 2014

No Sew DIY Mummy Costume

No Sew DIY Mummy Costume

Halloween is Tigers favorite holiday and each year he goes to great lengths to decide what he wants to dress up as, this year his choice was a mummy 'a mummy with bloody bandages'. So I went on the hunt for a costume but I could only find cheap plastic ones which still cost a small fortune. So decided to knock one up myself, I jumped straight onto Pinterst and searched for DIY Mummy costumes and loads of amazing handmade high quality mummy costumes came up from which seemed to be made by super mummy's who were all dab hands at using a sewing machine or sewing by hand  - errr these were not for me! My sewing skills stretch to sewing on a button and this could still take me a while, therefore I did not relish the thought of sewing on loads of bandages! and wrapping them around him didn't seem too 'wee friendly'. My mum the resourceful domestic goddess that she is thought of using iron on WonderWeb hemming tape instead.

DIY Mummy Costume

How to make a No Sew DIY Mummy Costume

I found an old white long sleeved t-shirt and a pair of Violets old legging (any old trousers or jogging bottoms would also be fine) then headed to the 99p Store where I bought...

6x Rolls of 3 meter Bandages (they came in a pack of 3 so I only bought 2 packs)
2x Rolls of WonderWeb - this also came in a pack of 3
1x Tube of Fake Blood (optional)
1x Tube of White Face Paint (optional)
All this cost just £4.95 which is at least half the price of most childrens halloween costumes.

I simply roughly cut the banadages and WonderWeb into stripes and roughly ironed them onto the t-shirt and leggings. I made sure it wasn't perfect as I wanted some stripes of banadages to be handing down to look like they had been unraveling. Remember to save a piece to tie around the head.

Once I had covered most of the area I dabbed a wet tea bag to give the impression of an old aging mummy costume. I then dotted round some fake blood and that was it. It look me about 30 minutes to make and Tiger was so impressed with his 'mummy costume with blood stained bandages' he couldn't wait to try it on.

On the day of the Halloween party we used a little white face paint and bit of guy liner (Tiger is not a huge fan of face painting) and sprayed a bit of white hair spray in his hair. I then tied the piece of blood stained bandage I saved from earlier around his head and chin to finish off the look and tah dah, the cutest, scariest, 'wee friendliest', DIY, no sew, mummy costume you will ever see.

DIY Mummy Costume


Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Warming Banana and Cherry Loaf Recipe

Banana and cherry loaf recipe

Banana loaves are my favorite way to use up over ripened bananas and I love experimenting with them. So far I have made a banana and walnut loaf, banana white chocolate and almond (that was delish but very sweet) but my all time favorite has to be banana and cherry loaf. I've got my recipe down to a tee, it's moist and has never gone that horrible 'purpley colour' that I've seen at some cake fairs and tastes amazing with a hot cup of tea. 

Banana and cherry loaf recipe

3oz 85g Caster Sugar
3oz 85g Softened unsalted Butter
3oz 85g Self Raising Flour
2 Medium sized Eggs
2 Medium sized ripened Bananas
A large handful of glacier cherries 
1tsp Vanilla Essence


Preheat oven to 180C/160C Fan/Gas 4 and grease loaf tin with butter.
Cream together the butter and caster sugar until smooth. Whisk the eggs and gradually mix into creamed butter (slowly so not to curdle) add the sieved self raising flour in gradually. I like to make figure of eights when mixing, I can't remember exactly why now, it's just how my mum taught me. I think it has something to do with letting air in? (don't quote me on this)
I like to mash the bananas in a seperate bowl first and I prefer mine smooth with no lumps. Next add the bananas and Vanilla essence into the cake mix and stir. The cake mix should be smooth and fall from a spoon when held upside down. If it's too thick add a little milk.
Spoon the cake mix into the greased loaf tin and stud with cherries for a more even spread.
Pop into the oven and bake for approximately 25-30 minutes until golden brown and the skewer comes out clean.

Leave the Banana and Cherry Loaf to cool in the loaf time for a few minutes then transfer to a wired rack. I personally like to serve my Banana and Cherry Loaf while still warm with a hot cup of tea. Yum! This is so lovely, warming and comforting on a chilly day. 

Banana and cherry loaf recipe


Sunday, 19 October 2014

What to do on Board the Oasis of The Sea - Royal Caribbean Cruises

Last week I was lucky enough to be invited by Royal Caribbean Cruises to experience a day on-board the worlds larges cruise ship the Oasis of the Sea. Cruising as a family isn't something we have considered, my initial thoughts of cruises was that it catered for older retired people and therefore not suitable for busy noisy young families. Would there be enough entertainment on-board for young children as well as myself and The Mister?  So on my visit I scoped out what there really was to do.

Entertainment for The Kids - Well it didn't take long to see that Royal Caribbean Cruises do cater for families. While we were having lunch we were visited by Alex the lion from Madagascar, if Beaux and Tiger had been with me they would have been besides themselves with excitement, what a welcome! In fact all of us mums were maybe a little too excited to see the characters and have our photos taken with them.

After lunch we visited the Kids Club, first impressions was that it was bright, colourful, all very new and clean. I imagined Tiger excitedly heading straight to the kids very cool arcade and Beaux checking out what there was to climb on in the toddlers room or get stuck into creating a master piece. The Kids club on-board is separated into age appropriate rooms with activities to match. We were invited to have a mini science lesson, which is one of the many activities on offer at Kids Club, we were given a few ingredients to make an exploding volcano, Tiger would have gone crazy for this and we may even give this a go at home if I can take the mess! The staff (all fully trained teachers) who you can tell are excited, enthusiastic and love their job, told us they try to encourage all children to take part in the set activities which they change daily as well as having free time to chill out with a movie or play computer games. 
As well as indoor activities there is a splash world (H2O Zone) and shallow pool for those sunnier days. 

Entertainment for The Adults - When choosing a holiday for myself and The Mister good food and drinks, relaxation and activites is on the top of our 'must have' list. We 'ate out' at restaurants for both lunch and dinner on our day visit and the entire meal from starter to dessert was mouth wateringly A-mazing, such high quality! I would even go to say that the steak I had was 'THE' best I have ever tried. The portions were huge and I felt like I needed to be rolled out, I was happily filled to the brim! The waiters were always there, friendly and I felt like nothing was too much trouble.

There were loads of trendy looking bars, my favorite being a bar which is located in the centre of the ship and goes up and down through each level like a huge glassed lift. I hear there is also a nightclub on-board but unfortunately we didn't get a chance to shake a tail feather there.

For those of you who like to keep fit we were shown their on-board gym, there were lots of new equipment, my favorite was the treadmill which overlooked the sea. Although the gym looked pretty impressive I much prefer the Spa! We were treated to a hand and arm massage which was lovely my only complaint was it wasn't a full one (some people aye?!) Imagine a full body massage followed by a spot of shopping, my idea of heaven! 

Entertainment for Us All - There is so much to see and do, each level has a different look and feel with different activities on each of them. I think it would take a couple of days to look around it all and properly check out and see all the activities on offer. I'd imagine that with my family  it would feel like each visit to a different level was a another mini day out. Without the hassle of packing kids into the car or the 'are we there yet's.

On our day visit we watched a show, I was amazed a how professional the production was, it really was the standards of a west end show, I know Violet would particularly love watching a show like that with me.

There was so much more I wanted to see - The ice rink, flow rider and of course a browse in their on-board shops! We were on-board the Oasis of the Sea all day and we didn't have time to see it all which I think in itself shows how massive the ship really is and how much variety of entertainment there is. Having never considered a Royal Caribbean Cruise before its definitely something we will seriously discuss when choosing our next family holiday.

For even more photos and videos of our Day on-board the Oasis of the Sea click 'read more'

Below - Rosie from Mummy & Boo braving it on the Zip Wire, I chickened out at the last minute! 


Monday, 13 October 2014

Choker Necklace

Choker Necklace

So I've been seeing that all the cool kids are wearing choker necklaces. This is a fashion I remember so clearly the first time around! Wow I feel so old right now.

I have always loved statement jewellery even in 90's as a teen. I remember I had a collection of black and burgundy velvet chokers but my favorite were the black plastic stretchy ones which I thought were uber cool because they looked like you had a tattoo around your neck. I wore them with my hair scraped back into a low bun and side parting, black platform shoes, belly top and dark eye makeup (when my mum wasn't looking of course!)  Actually the trend now doesn't seem all that dissimilar.

Choker gold necklace

I'm still not sure I will be rushing out to buy them this time around, the one in the photo is actually a stretchy headband and quite frankly a bit itchy and uncomfortable but I didn't want to dismiss this look before giving it my best shot. 

What do you think of choker necklaces, do you also remember them back in the 90's?

Gold choker necklace


Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Boys COOL Character Clothing

Boys Cool character clothing

I admit it, i'm a mean mummy and don't usually buy the little lads character clothing, if they have any it's usually bought for them as gifts or I keep it to a minimum with pants, socks or PJs. Tiger hasn't in the past requested them until now that is. He has a massive thing for super heroes especially Batman and The Mister has demanded that the little lads be little boys and enjoy the odd character t-shirt or bed spread. The thought of huge stick on transfers and bright cheaply made character trainers is quite frankly making me feel itchy so I've been on the hunt for COOL boys character clothing/accessories and luckily enough there are some lovely bits out there. Here are my top five


Monday, 6 October 2014

Oh Baby London

All in One Oh Baby London, Hat Tesco, Shoes H&M
I'm a huge fan of Zulily for grabbing great deals on good quality clothing for both myself and the little lads, this is where I came across Oh Baby London. I'm a little ashamed to admit I have never heard of Oh Baby London before but was drawn to the super cool space invaders design so I bought it in a cute all in one for Beaux and drop crotch joggers for Tiger. Tigers joggers are a bit too big so he's yet to wear them, but Beaux has already worn his oh baby London all in one loads. I find all in ones great for when we've been lounging around the house then decide to pop out. They are a full outfit wrapped up into one super cute all in one (as it's name might suggest, sometimes I do like to state the obvious!) as it's still mild Beaux didn't need a coat just a little bobble hat and we were off to collect some 'con conks' (conkers to you and me).

The Oh Baby London all in one is so well made, it has a fine layer of jersey inside which has kept so soft and snuggly even after washing, the print is just so cool too. I have been so impressed that I want to check out their website directly and they have beautiful quirky cool clothes for both little lads and lasses.  I think I've found myself a new brand to obsess over for the little lads


Thursday, 2 October 2014

Introducing Lilliebird - Made To Order Bunting

Lilliebird Handmade Bunting
I hadn't planned to write this review on Lilliebird bunting so soon but when I received my finished made to order bunting through the post I couldn't wait to put it up and share it with you, it's just that beautiful.

Lilliebird is a facebook store of handmade loveliness, bespoke bunting and canvas's made to your own requirement or room theme. I desperately wanted bunting to liven up Violets bedroom, she has a small bedroom so I have painted it white but with pops of colour and patterns dotted around, so this is what I wanted from her bunting. I sent Jana at Lilliebird my requirements, she wanted to know if I had a particular theme or colour scheme in mind, I know some of her customers have for example a 'Next butterfly themed bedroom' and Jana would then look at this and base her bunting to coordinate.

Rug, bedding a cushion Bunting Inspiration
Violets room doesn't have a particular colour or pattern it a 'deliberate mismash' so I sent her a photo of the rug, duvet cover and pillow for her to use as inspiration. I also asked for it to be done on a black rope, I then let her work her magic. Jana did come back to me with fabric suggestions but having seen other bunting she had made I was pretty confident I would love what she came up with and let her get on with it and I wasn't wrong, I adore it!

Besides the amazing quality and handmade feel to the buniting I love that this bunting is unique and especially made for Violet, I actually over heard her tell a friend that 'this was made just for me to match my room' which was so sweet and therefore made the perfect gift for her.

A bespoke standard nine flag bunting would start from £13.50 for further information on bespoke bunting and canvas's please contact Jana directly.

Disclaimer; I was gifted this bunting for the purpose of the review, all photography and opinions are my own
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