Monday, 13 October 2014

Choker Necklace

Choker Necklace

So I've been seeing that all the cool kids are wearing choker necklaces. This is a fashion I remember so clearly the first time around! Wow I feel so old right now.

I have always loved statement jewellery even in 90's as a teen. I remember I had a collection of black and burgundy velvet chokers but my favorite were the black plastic stretchy ones which I thought were uber cool because they looked like you had a tattoo around your neck. I wore them with my hair scraped back into a low bun and side parting, black platform shoes, belly top and dark eye makeup (when my mum wasn't looking of course!)  Actually the trend now doesn't seem all that dissimilar.

Choker gold necklace

I'm still not sure I will be rushing out to buy them this time around, the one in the photo is actually a stretchy headband and quite frankly a bit itchy and uncomfortable but I didn't want to dismiss this look before giving it my best shot. 

What do you think of choker necklaces, do you also remember them back in the 90's?

Gold choker necklace


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