Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Cute Toddler Halloween Costume

cute toddler halloween costume
Cat Onesie H&M Sale £3 (find similar here)
We love Halloween, the perfect excuse for me to dress the littlest lad in super cute Halloween costumes. Last year I dressed him in a cute pumpkin costume (it's an unwritten rule that all babies in our family dress as a pumpkin and have photo taken in a laundry basket!) this year he's a seriously spooky (not at all spooky) black cat.

This black cat onesie was a bargain I found in the sales at H&M after Halloween for just a few pounds. Beaux actually wears it all year round, its usually something I bundle him in after a swimming lesson or even for the school run on those days when I'm running really late, well its either that or his PJs! At least with the onesie I can get away with pretending its intentional.

A black cat halloween costume is not hugely creative and maybe not massively inspiring but it's fuss free with minimal face paint and incredible adorable. Beaux love his cat onesie and runs around meowing (loudly!) it's all just far too cute! 

cat onesie

toddler cat costume


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  1. Oh he is just so cute! AND you make gorgeous babies :) x


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