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No Sew DIY Mummy Costume

No Sew DIY Mummy Costume

Halloween is Tigers favorite holiday and each year he goes to great lengths to decide what he wants to dress up as, this year his choice was a mummy 'a mummy with bloody bandages'. So I went on the hunt for a costume but I could only find cheap plastic ones which still cost a small fortune. So decided to knock one up myself, I jumped straight onto Pinterst and searched for DIY Mummy costumes and loads of amazing handmade high quality mummy costumes came up from which seemed to be made by super mummy's who were all dab hands at using a sewing machine or sewing by hand  - errr these were not for me! My sewing skills stretch to sewing on a button and this could still take me a while, therefore I did not relish the thought of sewing on loads of bandages! and wrapping them around him didn't seem too 'wee friendly'. My mum the resourceful domestic goddess that she is thought of using iron on WonderWeb hemming tape instead.

DIY Mummy Costume

How to make a No Sew DIY Mummy Costume

I found an old white long sleeved t-shirt and a pair of Violets old legging (any old trousers or jogging bottoms would also be fine) then headed to the 99p Store where I bought...

6x Rolls of 3 meter Bandages (they came in a pack of 3 so I only bought 2 packs)
2x Rolls of WonderWeb - this also came in a pack of 3
1x Tube of Fake Blood (optional)
1x Tube of White Face Paint (optional)
All this cost just £4.95 which is at least half the price of most childrens halloween costumes.

I simply roughly cut the banadages and WonderWeb into stripes and roughly ironed them onto the t-shirt and leggings. I made sure it wasn't perfect as I wanted some stripes of banadages to be handing down to look like they had been unraveling. Remember to save a piece to tie around the head.

Once I had covered most of the area I dabbed a wet tea bag to give the impression of an old aging mummy costume. I then dotted round some fake blood and that was it. It look me about 30 minutes to make and Tiger was so impressed with his 'mummy costume with blood stained bandages' he couldn't wait to try it on.

On the day of the Halloween party we used a little white face paint and bit of guy liner (Tiger is not a huge fan of face painting) and sprayed a bit of white hair spray in his hair. I then tied the piece of blood stained bandage I saved from earlier around his head and chin to finish off the look and tah dah, the cutest, scariest, 'wee friendliest', DIY, no sew, mummy costume you will ever see.

DIY Mummy Costume


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