Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Hot Chocolate Cocktail Recipe

Oh yes you heard me right, a Hot Chocolate Cocktail recipe! Now that it's freezing outside I automatically go into wrap up warm, blanket, sofa, movie and hot chocolate mode and hurrying up December so I can get into the full Christmas spirit. I've also been seeing Irish Cream liquor up and down the shopping aisle which I loooove! It screams Christmas time to me as weirdly enough I never have it at any time of the year. So what could possibly be better than a hot chocolate and Irish cream liquor cocktail? Err nothing! Except maybe a side of cream and marshmallows!

Here's my super simple hot chocolate cocktail the ingredients is for one large mug of hot chocolate.

A mug of Semi Skimmed Milk
2tbs of Nutella
2tbs of Irish Cream Liquor
Squirty Cream & Marshmallows (optional but if you are going to have this hot chocolate cocktail you may as well go all out!) 
Coco powder for dusting

Gently heat the milk in a pan, as the milk begins to simmer whisk in the Nutella until dissolved. Then add the Irish cream liquor. Cool for a minute and pour into your favorite mug. Top with cream and marshmallows and dust with coco powder. Grab a spoon, light some candles and go get cosy of the sofa. Enjoy! 

Monday, 24 November 2014

Playtex 24H Soft Challenge

I was invited to take part in the 'Playtex 24H Soft Challenge'. The idea was to wear a pair of Playtex 24H Soft tights for 24hrs (or from morning to night) and document how you get on with them. I was excited to give it ago as I love to wear dresses with thick tights in the autumn/winter but still haven't found my perfect pair of tights. They are either too tight and create muffin tops, become baggy throughout the day, are too long or are not long enough (a long crotch is so NOT a good look for anyone!)

That morning when I first tried on the tights I loved how incredible soft they were. They were tight and very supportive around my thighs, bum and hips (no muffin tops) but comfortable. They were quite long so I had to wear pulled up quite high on my stomach, the waist band has a scalloped edge which was really comfortable, although I did wonder if it would roll down throughout the day or become uncomfortable but for now they felt very comfortable, warm and slimming.  I set off for a busy day Christmas shopping, they still felt comfortable, the waistband didn't roll down as I feared and I didn't once have to pull them up to prevent Nora Batty ankles. So far so good!

Once we were all shopped out we headed home, usually by then I normally couldn't wait to get out of my tights but I didn't feel the need in the Playtex 24h soft tights. I did however have to swap my dress for a more comfy jumper dress. I carried on my day, playing with the little lads, sitting watching TV and cooking, all the while feeling perfectly comfortable although truth be told I would normally have changed into lounging trousers but for the purpose of this challenge I didn't. 

I finally took the tights off at 9pm to change into my PJs for the night, I can honestly say the 24hr soft tights are very comfortable. I never once had to yank them up, they felt supportive the entire time I was wearing them without being restrictive and yes they felt soft and warm. I can't imagine when I would ever need to wear a pair of tights for 24 hours straight but the Playtex 24H Soft tights can definitely see me from day to night whilst out and about but I will always choose to change into lounging trousers when I get home no matter how comfortable the tights are, that's just me.

In the Playtex hosiery range they also have tights 1 Size Down (suppose to make you drop a dress size after a week of wearing them) and the Expert in Silhouette (for flattering tums, lifting bums and slimming thighs- wow!) I will be saving these bad boys for the work Christmas Party my sister has kindly invited me to, I can't wait! I will let you know how I get on.
Playtex 24H Soft Tights 40D - Available at Next £7-12


Monday, 17 November 2014

Christmas Advent Calendar Gift Ideas

Christmas advent calendar gift ideas

This year I wanted to try a different type of Christmas Advent Calendar, an Advent Calendar where I can choose the gifts the little lads receive each day on the count down to Christmas!

I found this adorable Christmas Advent Calendar in Homesense for only £12.99 it's so well made that I'm hoping it lasts for years and years becoming one of our Christmas traditions. Now I have the Advent Calendar what Christmas gifts to fill it with? I've decided to do a mix of sweetie treats, small toys and Christmas activities/days out. 

Sweet - On some days I will fill the little pockets with Christmas themed sweets - chocolate coins, candy canes and chocolate covered raisins (reindeer poop! Tiger will find this hilarious!)

Gifts - You could shop around for small pocket sized toys or you could just shop at Hawkins Baazar, they have a 'Pocket Money' section which is full of small cheap toys. I've chosen a few of my favorites below, prices vary from 35p - £3.  If you don't fancy small toys how about little Christmas tree decorations your little ones can hang on the tree, special baubles that are different from all the rest.

Christmas Activities/Days Out - This is a great way to get organised with Christmas Activities or Days Out throughout December. I will slip a homemade Christmas activity card and chocolate coin in the pockets "Make a Gingerbread house or Visit Santa" then fill the day around it and on the 24th make a card saying "Check under your bed" you can then pop the Christmas Eve Present/Box there for them to find. I think this is a lovely way to build up to the main event!


Thursday, 13 November 2014

Christmas Gift List and Amazing GIVEAWAY with The Dandy Kid

1. Tootsa Macginty Napali Knit Cardigan £41.00 / 2. Julia Staite Woodland Winterland Soft Toy £12.00 / 3. Tootsa Macginty Tibet Cotton Slub Raglan £23.00 / 4. Helen Dardik Nesting Dolls into the Wood £19.50 / 5. Sew Heart Felt Finlay Fox Slippers £24.95 / 6. Helen Dardik ABC Poster £16.00

Christmas is coming! whoop! whoop! and I have put together a lovely Christmas gift idea list for your little lads or lasses from The Dandy Kid which was more difficult than you would expect, there is just so much loveliness to choose from, I want it ALL! Seriously how beautiful is the Tootsa Macginty Cardigan?!

The Dandy Kid is a super cool and quirky independent store, who source stunning children clothing, accessories and toys from independent brands and designers from around the globe. You won't see much of it on the high street which I feel makes beautifully unique Christmas gifts.

Because its Christmas Little Likely Lads have collaborated with The Dandy Kids to Give Away £50 to Spend at The Dandy Kid online store to buy whatever you like!! For a chance to win, in the comments below Tell me what you would spend the £50 if you were to win? and follow @littlelikelylad and @TheDandyKid on twitter! You can also have an additional three entries see Rafflecopter below.

To enter the giveaway make sure:-
  • You are a UK and republic of Ireland resident.
  • You must be 16 or over.
  • You MUST enter the 3 mandatory fields - each worth 1 entry on the Rafflecopter below.
  • The giveaway closes on 01/12/14 at 12am
  • Rafflecopter picks a winner at random.
  • I will notify the winner via email within 3 days from the end date.
  • You have 28 days to acknowledge my notification, after which a new winner will be picked.
  • You will receive your prize within 14 days of acknowledging your win.
  • Your email address will be shared with The Dandy Kid and no other parties.
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Tuesday, 11 November 2014

3 Ways to update your tired old JUMPERS

I am always looking for ways to update my old jumpers. The jumper in the photo I love, I bought it last autumn and have worn it to death so its not my 'go to' when choosing what to wear, to be honest I'm a little bit bored of it, its turned into my 'lounge around the house' jumper. So I've decided to give it a new lease of life. If you are the same as me here are 3 Ways to Update your Tired Old Jumpers.

Layer It - I recently bought a denim shirt to layer under my jumper and faux fur gilet but found that it makes me look all bulky and adds pounds on. I was beginning to think this look wasn't for me until I saw this post on Mama VIB, so I quickly hot footed it to River Island and purchased one for myself. The Denim collar shirt bib is a god send! I am wearing mine under everything! t-shirts, dresses and now jumpers. Instant fashion update without the bulk.

Make a Statement of it - This is a simple one, add your biggest loudest statement necklace to instantly take your jumper from 'back of the wardrobe' to 'drinks out with friends'. Every time you change your statement necklace it's like wearing a new top. Try clashing the colour of your statement necklace with the jumper, trust me it looks fab!! 

Tuck it In - Again so simple yet can change the feel and look of your jumper instantly. You don't have to wear high waisted jeans or to tuck the whole jumper in. Just tucking in the front and leave the back out also looks great (better when a jumper is really over sized or for when you are having a 'does my bum look big in this day') 

Give them ago and let me know what you think. Is there anything you do to update old tired jumpers? 

Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Nativity 3, Dude Where's My Donkey?!

Nativity 3 Dude wheres my donkey
Nativity 3, Dude Where's My Donkey - In Cinemas 14th November 2014 (Please note Tiger and Myself are not characters in the film! hehe!)
I was delighted to be invited to the Premier of Nativity 3, Dude where's my Donkey, for me as soon as Halloween is over I am happy to go straight into the Christmas spirit, I never feel like it's too early, I love the build up to the big day, so going to see Nativity 3 is perfect for me. Tiger is just as keen as I am to get the ball rolling on Christmas festivities and has already started putting together his Christmas wish list!

I haven't taken Tiger to London for a really long while so thought it would be nice to leave Beaux at home with The Mister and make a day of it with just Tiger. We jumped on a train the morning of the premier and headed straight to Hamleys, Tiger was left jaw dropped at the FIVE huge floors dedicated just to toys, he was rushing around looking playing and mentally writing his Christmas wish list. Once Tiger managed to persuade a purchase from me, we went for a late lunch at Pizza Express, I feel ashamed to say it's been a while since Tiger has had my full undivided attention and it was lovely. After lunch I came away with a good understanding and appreciation of why Spider Man and Venom could never be friends! Interesting stuff!

We then headed to see Nativity 3 wrapped up in our Christmas Jumper for the Save the Children Christmas Jumper 2014 campaign. The event was amazing it felt like we walked straight into Christmas, decorating reindeer shaped cookies, selfies with an elfie and Christmas themed balloon animals, it was great fun! We then eagerly found our seats to watch Nativity 3.
We haven't seen Nativity 1 or 2 so I was unsure of what to expect. The film began with a quick look back at what happened in the previous films, although it wasn't needed as the film is very easy to follow and aimed at young children but with laughs thrown in for us adults. Lots of catchy songs throughout which I thought might lose Tiger but I looked over at him to see him happily bopping away to them. Nativity 3 had the feel good festive vibe you would hope for a Christmas film and Tiger chuckled all the way through. We both really enjoyed it, it was a lovely way to end our day. Nativity 3, Dude Where's my Donkey is a must to get you into the Christmas spirit.


Monday, 3 November 2014

#NYNYStyleProject November Prompts + GiveAway!!!

November already! October just flew by, I didn't manage to take part in many of the NYNYStyleProject (New Year New Style Project) last month, we had sickness bugs and colds on and off pretty much the entire month! I was mainly dressed in jeans and t-shirts which were swiped in kiddie snot (a mothers life is so glam!) which I didn't feel was very #NYNYStyleProject chic! However the beauty of the NYNYStyleProject is that you can feel free to dip in and out as you please. Below are a few of my interpritation of the prompts I did follow in October.

Unfortunately November has started off a bit similar and I feel like I need to give myself a little pick me up, the way I dress plays a huge part in the way I'm feeling about myself. The Mister knows this about me and treated me to a mega shopping spree at the weekend so I'm now kitted out in some lovely new autumn/winter pieces which I'm sure I will be showing off throughout November's NYNYStyleProject and surprise surprise my mood is feeling lifted! Funny what a new pretty pair of boots can do.

Novembers NYNYStyleProject is rather special we are collaborating with Alice's Wonders and are hosting a giveaway of the below stunning Statement Necklace!! This statement necklace would look fab over a simple chunky knit. All you have to do for a chance to win this stunner is take part in the NYNYStyleProject every time you post a photo on Instagram or Twitter using the hashtag #nynystyleproject you will be entered into a draw, you must also follow @aliceswondersuk on Instagram. The Give Away ends on the 30.11.14 Good Luck!

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