Monday, 24 November 2014

Playtex 24H Soft Challenge

I was invited to take part in the 'Playtex 24H Soft Challenge'. The idea was to wear a pair of Playtex 24H Soft tights for 24hrs (or from morning to night) and document how you get on with them. I was excited to give it ago as I love to wear dresses with thick tights in the autumn/winter but still haven't found my perfect pair of tights. They are either too tight and create muffin tops, become baggy throughout the day, are too long or are not long enough (a long crotch is so NOT a good look for anyone!)

That morning when I first tried on the tights I loved how incredible soft they were. They were tight and very supportive around my thighs, bum and hips (no muffin tops) but comfortable. They were quite long so I had to wear pulled up quite high on my stomach, the waist band has a scalloped edge which was really comfortable, although I did wonder if it would roll down throughout the day or become uncomfortable but for now they felt very comfortable, warm and slimming.  I set off for a busy day Christmas shopping, they still felt comfortable, the waistband didn't roll down as I feared and I didn't once have to pull them up to prevent Nora Batty ankles. So far so good!

Once we were all shopped out we headed home, usually by then I normally couldn't wait to get out of my tights but I didn't feel the need in the Playtex 24h soft tights. I did however have to swap my dress for a more comfy jumper dress. I carried on my day, playing with the little lads, sitting watching TV and cooking, all the while feeling perfectly comfortable although truth be told I would normally have changed into lounging trousers but for the purpose of this challenge I didn't. 

I finally took the tights off at 9pm to change into my PJs for the night, I can honestly say the 24hr soft tights are very comfortable. I never once had to yank them up, they felt supportive the entire time I was wearing them without being restrictive and yes they felt soft and warm. I can't imagine when I would ever need to wear a pair of tights for 24 hours straight but the Playtex 24H Soft tights can definitely see me from day to night whilst out and about but I will always choose to change into lounging trousers when I get home no matter how comfortable the tights are, that's just me.

In the Playtex hosiery range they also have tights 1 Size Down (suppose to make you drop a dress size after a week of wearing them) and the Expert in Silhouette (for flattering tums, lifting bums and slimming thighs- wow!) I will be saving these bad boys for the work Christmas Party my sister has kindly invited me to, I can't wait! I will let you know how I get on.
Playtex 24H Soft Tights 40D - Available at Next £7-12


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  1. Those tights look fantastic, I usually just wear leggings but think I could really get into tights if I had some of these - nice and thick! x


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