Thursday, 18 December 2014

5 Signs that Santa's Been!!!

I'm part of a Facebook group for local mums, we were sharing ways that we leave little clues Santa has been and gone for our kiddos. These were my favorite suggestions and sneaky ways to help our little ones believe in the magic of Christmas.

1. Eaten minced pies and half eaten carrots - This is quite a traditional one, we do this every year with our little lads and lass but a few new tips, cut the end of the carrot with a pastry cutter to make them look like reindeer teeth marks or maybe leave a chunk of carrot in the back/front garden

2. Santas snowy Footprint - Using a pair of wellies as a template shake talcum powder or shake n vac around the wellies to make it look like Santa has left a snowy print. 

3. Wrapping the door to Living room - Wrap the door to the leaving room with Christmas wrapping paper or tissue paper so that the kids have to burst through them to discover their presents. 

4. A letter from Santa - A letter from Santa thanking your child for the mince pie and carrot. I think its sweet to also include things Santa was proud of them for like starting big school, or potty training etc.. You could also use this opportunity to give them little targets for next year. 

5. A trail of Chocolate Coins - A trail of chocolate coins that have fallen out of Santa's pocket leading all the way to presents under the Christmas tree.

I will be doing a couple to these for the little lads to discover on Christmas day, do you have any others that you do?

Sunday, 14 December 2014

The New Annie Movie Review

I was delighted to be invited to the premier of the New Annie Movie, I have always loved Annie as a little girl and was over the moon when Violet loved it too, I would have to admit she is a bigger fan than I was though knowing all of the songs and the script. So naturally I wanted to share the experience of the new Annie Movie with her and she was beyond excited! 

So for that reason I thought it would be rude not to hand over this review to Violet, she is 9yrs old and a fanatic of Annie therefore a true critic... 

So how was Annie?
It was REALLY REALLY good, it was a bit like the original but more modern with cool songs. 

Did you like the actress Quvenzhane Wallis who plays the new Annie?
Yes, she looked different to the original Annie, it's nice to have someone new, she was really funny and inspirational. 

Would you tell your friends about the new Annie Movie? 
Yes! I want to see it again at the cinema with my friends, they would love it! 

What was your favorite bit?
When Oliver Warbucks (she calls him Daddy Warbucks) spat out the mash potato at the homeless shelter and it was remixed on YouTube (chuckles) that was sooooo funny! 

Describe the new Annie Movie in three words. 
Fantastic, Funny, Emotional. 

Was there anything you disliked about the new Annie Movie?
There were a few times it made me cry, it was all okay in the end but it did make me sad even though I knew what was going to happen.

Tough one, which Annie movie was your favorite new or original?
(Long pause) I can't decide! I LOVE them both, I want to watch them both again and again and again! But I do prefer the songs to the new Annie movie, I want the soundtrack.

So there you have it the new Annie Movie was fantastic! I loved it as much as Violet did.  I laughed hard, it made me nostalgic and even cry at a few points too. Quvenzhane Wallis is a fantastic little actress, I loved her in Beast of the Southern Wild, her onscreen 'father daughter' relationship with   Jamie Foxx was heart warming and truly believable. I'm also a huge fan of Cameron Diaz she can do no wrong in my eyes even though she played the part of mean Miss Colleen Hannigan. 

Like I said I love the original Annie but I also loved the new Annie movie and I'm sure myself and Violet will watch the new Annie movie plenty more times once it's released on DVD. Even if you haven't seen the original Annie you will still love the new Annie Movie. Laughter, classic songs and a feel good story line, what's not to love? There is nothing better than a family movie you all truly enjoy. 

The new Annie Movie is out at the cinema on Boxing Day 2014 in the UK.


Sunday, 7 December 2014

Printrbook Review - Easily create a beautiful Instagram Photo Book + GIVEAWAY!!!

I was so excited to be offered the chance to review an Instagram Photo Book from Printrbook. I adore Instagram, its my favorite social media outlet and I post a photo almost every day. I love to take photos of those beautifully ordinary moments that I want to remember forever.  I've always wanted to print some of my instagram photos but have been put off in the past at the thought of trawling through 1250 photos (yes 1250, its not a typo, I told you I love it!) but Printrbook assured me it will only take 3 quick easy steps so I've given them ago.

Beaux loves flicking through the photos on my iPhone  - the apple not falling far from the tree and all that! it's a great way for us to talk about our mini adventures and things we've seen that day, so as a little Christmas present I decided to make him this Printrbook Instagram Photo Book for him. It will also be great to stick in his little keep sake box for when he's older too. 

Step 1 - Choose your favorite photos

Let me begin by telling you that I initially created this photo book on my iPhone (it's that simple) but redone on my computer so I could have clearer screen shots for you, aren't I nice! All you have to do is through Printrbook is login into your Instagram account and simply select the photos you would like included, you can choose from a 25 or 50 paged book which will be printed in date order. Printrbook will keep a track of how many photos you have already selected. Once you have chosen which photos you would like you are prompted to choose if you would like the date or the caption (or both) displayed in your Printrbook Photo Book. I chose to keep the date but not the caption, I wanted Beaux to make his own story when flicking through.

Step 2 - Choosing a Cover and Title

Once you have selected your photos Printrbook will automatically choose a cover photo for you or you can choose your own favorite (or a selection of your favorites 4 or 9), this was the hardest part for me as I love so many of the photos of Beaux but I chose one that sums him up at this age, one of  him running off alone to explore with the title "twinkle twinkle" as this is the first nursery rhyme he ever sang. You can also choose to write a message on the inside page at this point.

Step 3 - Preview and Pay

That's it!! Simply review, make any tweaks you are not happy with and pay, this 50 paged photo book cost £12.99 shipping worldwide is FREE.

I was so pleased when my Printrbook Instagram Photo Book arrived. It is lovely and captures Beaux beautifully as an energetic little toddler explorer. The quality is perfect and looks just as it appears on my Instagram feed. I was worried that sometimes when I use filters, when printed the quality would be grainy or not translate as well but it really does look wonderful, i'm so pleased with it and looking forward to Beaux unwrapping it on Christmas day. Printrbook is definitely a great way to print Instagram photos and I will be using them again.

Your chance to win your own Printrbook!!! I am hosting a giveaway over on Instagram for your chance to win your very own Printrbook Instagram Photobook, go enter! (ends midnight 14/12/14) Good luck


Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Weekend Break in Bath

Weekend in Bath
Last weekend we had a little break in Bath, Bath is one our our favorite towns in the UK it's just so stunning. For me it is the perfect mix of quaint cobbled streets, independent stores and little cafe hideaways in the town centre. Then on the outskirts are beautiful countryside with striking views.

Before heading off to visit family we attempted a bit of shopping but with the Bath Christmas Market up and running it was ridiculously busy. Not the place to be with a pushchair and a over excited five year old. I did manage to have a little peak at some of the stalls (from a distance) and could see they were full of gorgeousness. In hindsight we should have let the little lads have a bit of Grandpa time while myself and The Mister browsed the Christmas stalls alone, still it was lovely seeing all decorations, smelling mulled wine in the distance all the while being surrounded by the beautiful Abbey, it is now definitely beginning to feel a lot like Christmas!

After a couple of Christmas presents bought and two new dresses for me in the Black Friday sale (I'm a firm believer of the 'one for you, two for me' shopping method) we headed off to visit family, this was a lot less stressful! Walks through fields to say hello to the neighbors sheep, splashing in small streams, going to the villages Christmas fair then later eating, drinking and snuggling up by the fire. It was a little bit of what we all needed and to be honest I wasn't looking forward to returning to home and routine! I am a bit over it all, the school runs, the swimming lessons, the home work, the 'strict' bedtime routines etc... I have already switched to the Christmas holiday mode, now pass me some mulled cider, After Eight mints and switch on those fairy lights!

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