Thursday, 18 December 2014

5 Signs that Santa's Been!!!

I'm part of a Facebook group for local mums, we were sharing ways that we leave little clues Santa has been and gone for our kiddos. These were my favorite suggestions and sneaky ways to help our little ones believe in the magic of Christmas.

1. Eaten minced pies and half eaten carrots - This is quite a traditional one, we do this every year with our little lads and lass but a few new tips, cut the end of the carrot with a pastry cutter to make them look like reindeer teeth marks or maybe leave a chunk of carrot in the back/front garden

2. Santas snowy Footprint - Using a pair of wellies as a template shake talcum powder or shake n vac around the wellies to make it look like Santa has left a snowy print. 

3. Wrapping the door to Living room - Wrap the door to the leaving room with Christmas wrapping paper or tissue paper so that the kids have to burst through them to discover their presents. 

4. A letter from Santa - A letter from Santa thanking your child for the mince pie and carrot. I think its sweet to also include things Santa was proud of them for like starting big school, or potty training etc.. You could also use this opportunity to give them little targets for next year. 

5. A trail of Chocolate Coins - A trail of chocolate coins that have fallen out of Santa's pocket leading all the way to presents under the Christmas tree.

I will be doing a couple to these for the little lads to discover on Christmas day, do you have any others that you do?


  1. Oh I love the idea of bursting through a papered door! So exciting! x

  2. Such adorable ideas, I remember doing the snowy footprints for my older ones when they were small, they loved it!


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