Sunday, 14 December 2014

The New Annie Movie Review

I was delighted to be invited to the premier of the New Annie Movie, I have always loved Annie as a little girl and was over the moon when Violet loved it too, I would have to admit she is a bigger fan than I was though knowing all of the songs and the script. So naturally I wanted to share the experience of the new Annie Movie with her and she was beyond excited! 

So for that reason I thought it would be rude not to hand over this review to Violet, she is 9yrs old and a fanatic of Annie therefore a true critic... 

So how was Annie?
It was REALLY REALLY good, it was a bit like the original but more modern with cool songs. 

Did you like the actress Quvenzhane Wallis who plays the new Annie?
Yes, she looked different to the original Annie, it's nice to have someone new, she was really funny and inspirational. 

Would you tell your friends about the new Annie Movie? 
Yes! I want to see it again at the cinema with my friends, they would love it! 

What was your favorite bit?
When Oliver Warbucks (she calls him Daddy Warbucks) spat out the mash potato at the homeless shelter and it was remixed on YouTube (chuckles) that was sooooo funny! 

Describe the new Annie Movie in three words. 
Fantastic, Funny, Emotional. 

Was there anything you disliked about the new Annie Movie?
There were a few times it made me cry, it was all okay in the end but it did make me sad even though I knew what was going to happen.

Tough one, which Annie movie was your favorite new or original?
(Long pause) I can't decide! I LOVE them both, I want to watch them both again and again and again! But I do prefer the songs to the new Annie movie, I want the soundtrack.

So there you have it the new Annie Movie was fantastic! I loved it as much as Violet did.  I laughed hard, it made me nostalgic and even cry at a few points too. Quvenzhane Wallis is a fantastic little actress, I loved her in Beast of the Southern Wild, her onscreen 'father daughter' relationship with   Jamie Foxx was heart warming and truly believable. I'm also a huge fan of Cameron Diaz she can do no wrong in my eyes even though she played the part of mean Miss Colleen Hannigan. 

Like I said I love the original Annie but I also loved the new Annie movie and I'm sure myself and Violet will watch the new Annie movie plenty more times once it's released on DVD. Even if you haven't seen the original Annie you will still love the new Annie Movie. Laughter, classic songs and a feel good story line, what's not to love? There is nothing better than a family movie you all truly enjoy. 

The new Annie Movie is out at the cinema on Boxing Day 2014 in the UK.



  1. I am so jealous I would love to see the new Annie! Great review, how cute is Violet?! x

  2. Such a fab review! My girls really want to see Annie, so thing we'll be making a trip to the cinema over the Christmas holidays xx

  3. An okay movie, if that's all your expecting. Anything more, you'll be slightly disappointed. Good review Carissa.


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