Tuesday, 27 January 2015

An injection of colour to your winter outfit

The other day I felt 'a bit blah' the weather was cold and grey and my outfit felt a bit bleak to match so I decided to wear my bright red flower crown which instantly lifted mood (funny what a bit of colour can do) I had it in my mind that flower crowns could only be worn in the spring/summer but who said you can't wear a flower crown in the winter?!! I did and it made me feel great! I'm totally up for mixing my winter and spring wardrobe! So out came my brightly coloured summer scarves. This for me is an easy way to add colour without having to alter the rest of my outfit too much, plus a head scarf 1)keeps your head warm and 2) covers unruly hair! Win! Win!

Here's a few other easy ways to add bright pops of colour to your winter outfit.

 - A bright Red or Orange Lipstick, the brighter the better! Go all out!
 - Bright Nail Polish or if you are really going for it bright Skittle Nails
 - Brightly coloured Tights, think Purples, Mustard and Turquoise if you are not brave enough for tights then bright tailored trousers can be more flattering.
 - A bright Hat a huge pom pom hat will always look cute, but a coloured Fedora can add that edge.

Do you add summer brights to your winter wear?


Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Winter family days out

I love getting out for a day out with my family, even in the winter. I get cabin fever if I stay indoors for more than a couple of days and I crave fresh air, a change of scenery and I love not knowing what memories will be created on our little adventure.

Sandbanks beach in Poole is one of our favorite sandy beaches in the UK, especially in the summer but it's also beautiful in the winter. Yes it's freezing but it's so refreshing and calming being wrapped up under layers and layers of snugly knitted jumpers, cosy winter hats, thick woolly socks and then the cold on your face while watching the waves moving peacefully back and forth! Bliss!!

Tigers Hat £3.99 & Coat £27.99 both from Gap Kids (sale)

I loved seeing the little lads so content and happy playing with what nature has to offer, paddling in their wellies and running away and screaming at the small waves as if they were a huge beast! Collecting unusual and beautifully patterned shells, climbing over rocks and hiding in the tall sand dunes. It's magically. Inevitably the little lads end up splashed by the sea and I keep meaning to take along their puddle suits but I do make sure that I keep a change of clothes in the car, a warm cuddly blanket and a flask of hot chocolate and marshmallows. This to us is the perfect family winters day out, it didn't take much planning or cost the earth but it was just perfect.

Beauxs Hat £11.50 Ampersands Commodities at Little & Fierce Coat TU (sale) Wellies Mothercare £12


Monday, 19 January 2015

Little and Fierce / Cool Kids Accessories

Little and Fierce kids accessories

Personally I'm a sucker for cool kids accessories, I think even the smallest accessory can change a whole outfits look or make you feel completely different about what you're wearing, so I was super excited when Little and Fierce (a trendy online children's accessories boutique) contacted me and said I could choose a piece for Tiger & Violet! Hmm but where to begin, so much loveliness to choose from! Little and Fierce source cool kids accessories from smaller independent sellers like Little Magic Pieces- their head bands are awesome or Love Frankie who have a great unisex trucker cap range both of which use untypical (if that's a word!) designs on their children's accessories. 

I initially had a browse and had my heart set on a over sized, white statement Alphabet heart bag for Violet (mainly because I pictured myself borrowing it too!) but I thought I would let her choose especially as she has her own style now which I love! She spent ages looking at everything and finally chose this A Mini Penny Ballerina necklace, we couldn't wait for it to arrive. Luckily we didn't have to wait long at all as it arrived the very next morning all wrapped up beautifully, the box itself even stated it contained 'pretty little things inside', I love these little touches which makes it feel like you've received a present rather than received an order. 

Violet loved it immediately, a beautifully detailed ballerina necklace, it also has a small black pom pom on it too which I think makes it all the more special and gives the pretty ballerina a bit more edge. Violet said that she can't wait to layer it with her chunky named gold necklace she was given for Christmas. It really is special. 

I love that Little and Fierce haven't forgotten that little lads wear accessories too! Personally I would have chosen the A Mini Penny Triceratops necklace for Tiger because how cute??! but he really wanted the Love Frankie Ninja Fox Trucker Cap, he said it was 'really cool and would help with his skateboarding!!' (Haha!! What??!) I think he actually made a great choice, the little orange ninja fox gives a little pop of colour which will go with everything! It suits him perfectly and to top it off it is amazing quality! He will definitely get plenty of wear from this SnapBack trucker cap come spring/summer.

Love Frankie Ninja Fox Trucker Cap £18
I'm now a huge fan of Little and Fierce kids accessories, trendy little unique pieces which to top it off are amazing quality that are made to last! Go check them out, I dare you not to fall in love too.


Wednesday, 14 January 2015

3 Ways to Wear a Lumberjack Shirt

new ways to wear a lumberjack shirt
Tie It
I love this red and black lumberjack shirt but I've worn it loads recently as it screams winter to me. I fancied a change from either wearing it dressed down loose with battered converse or dressed up tucked into high waisted jeans. So I've been experimenting and wanted to share 3 new ways to wear a lumberjack shirt.

Tie it - Leaving the lumberjack shirt undone with a cami vest underneath, grab the ends and tie them in a knot, tight enough so it doesn't hang down, roughly roll the sleeves up for a really relaxed look, very 90s but I like it! Tip - You could try wearing a clashing coloured top underneath to give the look a bit of edge.

Layered lumberjack shirt
Layered - I've just popped one of my fine knit jumpers over the top, letting the bottom of the lumberjack shirt hang down. I've also rolled the sleeves of the jumper up so that the lumberjack shirt peeps out. Tip - if you are curvy like myself then keep to fine knit jumpers, with the lumberjack shirt underneath it can be quite bulky and thicker knits will add pounds! If you are slim then I say you can go all out! A fluffy jumper would add a new texture and look amazing! 

Lumberjack shirt layered with a fur gilet
Fur Gilet
Fur Gilet - Add a faux fur gilet over the top of your Lumberjack Shirt for a glam look, you could also pop an oversized necklace to make a real statement of it! 

My lumberjack shirt is old and from H&M but I am totally in love with this one from Asos, loving the PU collar!

Monday, 12 January 2015

Reflecting on Blogging 2014

First off let me say a (belated) Happy New Year to you all! I hope 2015 is everything you hope for it to be and more!  I had an extended blogging break to celebrate with friends and family, I thoroughly enjoyed it, maybe a little too much as I was actually suppose to start back last week!!  I'm now feeling well and truly refreshed, brimming with new blogging ideas and are ready to go! But first a quick look back at 2014

Most Favorite Blogging Moment of 2014
Most Favorite Blogging Moment - Has to be hands down the Mark Warner Holiday I won back in September, okay obviously the sun and sea in beautiful Rhodes whilst staying at the Levante Resort was amazing but more importantly the friends I made there was the best bit!

Most Successful Post of 2014

Most successful post of 2014 - Was my new crochet braids, I'm delighted by how many people still read this post and was so surprised when I googled 'crochet braids' looking for inspiration for my next set and saw my face!! Scary! As much as I love my little afro I fancy a change so the crochet braids will be back very soon! 

Biggest Personal Achievement of 2014

Biggest Personal Achievement - After looking all year long we finally bought our first house in Sept. We've settled in so well, Tiger loves  his new school, we are all obsessed with living close to the river, it never gets old and we've made amazing friends. The house itself is still very much work in progress and I plan to do little sneak peaks of our home as a when each room is finished. Funny the sneak peak of the little lads room looks out dated now though as so much has already changed since. 

What's new ? - One thing I miss about working in an office as part of a team is bouncing ideas off someone else, talking to someone who is as excited about childrens and women's fashion, days out and homeware as I am, so this year I will be doing more collaborations with other bloggers and brands with whom I love and who I think you will too. I can't wait! I already have some lined up but if you think we could work well together then please send me an email littlelikelylads@gmail.com and we can have a chat about it. 

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