Wednesday, 14 January 2015

3 Ways to Wear a Lumberjack Shirt

new ways to wear a lumberjack shirt
Tie It
I love this red and black lumberjack shirt but I've worn it loads recently as it screams winter to me. I fancied a change from either wearing it dressed down loose with battered converse or dressed up tucked into high waisted jeans. So I've been experimenting and wanted to share 3 new ways to wear a lumberjack shirt.

Tie it - Leaving the lumberjack shirt undone with a cami vest underneath, grab the ends and tie them in a knot, tight enough so it doesn't hang down, roughly roll the sleeves up for a really relaxed look, very 90s but I like it! Tip - You could try wearing a clashing coloured top underneath to give the look a bit of edge.

Layered lumberjack shirt
Layered - I've just popped one of my fine knit jumpers over the top, letting the bottom of the lumberjack shirt hang down. I've also rolled the sleeves of the jumper up so that the lumberjack shirt peeps out. Tip - if you are curvy like myself then keep to fine knit jumpers, with the lumberjack shirt underneath it can be quite bulky and thicker knits will add pounds! If you are slim then I say you can go all out! A fluffy jumper would add a new texture and look amazing! 

Lumberjack shirt layered with a fur gilet
Fur Gilet
Fur Gilet - Add a faux fur gilet over the top of your Lumberjack Shirt for a glam look, you could also pop an oversized necklace to make a real statement of it! 

My lumberjack shirt is old and from H&M but I am totally in love with this one from Asos, loving the PU collar!


  1. Loving the ways you have worn this shirt. Now I want to go out and buy a lumberjack shirt! X

    1. Thank you so kind! Check out ASOS they have loads for all budgets x

  2. Love this post, I love a lumberjack shirt too but tend to just wear them with jeans. Great ideas! x

    1. Thanks lovely. The classic look totally works too. A blue and green lumberjack shirt would look gorgeous on you x


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