Tuesday, 27 January 2015

An injection of colour to your winter outfit

The other day I felt 'a bit blah' the weather was cold and grey and my outfit felt a bit bleak to match so I decided to wear my bright red flower crown which instantly lifted mood (funny what a bit of colour can do) I had it in my mind that flower crowns could only be worn in the spring/summer but who said you can't wear a flower crown in the winter?!! I did and it made me feel great! I'm totally up for mixing my winter and spring wardrobe! So out came my brightly coloured summer scarves. This for me is an easy way to add colour without having to alter the rest of my outfit too much, plus a head scarf 1)keeps your head warm and 2) covers unruly hair! Win! Win!

Here's a few other easy ways to add bright pops of colour to your winter outfit.

 - A bright Red or Orange Lipstick, the brighter the better! Go all out!
 - Bright Nail Polish or if you are really going for it bright Skittle Nails
 - Brightly coloured Tights, think Purples, Mustard and Turquoise if you are not brave enough for tights then bright tailored trousers can be more flattering.
 - A bright Hat a huge pom pom hat will always look cute, but a coloured Fedora can add that edge.

Do you add summer brights to your winter wear?


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