Monday, 12 January 2015

Reflecting on Blogging 2014

First off let me say a (belated) Happy New Year to you all! I hope 2015 is everything you hope for it to be and more!  I had an extended blogging break to celebrate with friends and family, I thoroughly enjoyed it, maybe a little too much as I was actually suppose to start back last week!!  I'm now feeling well and truly refreshed, brimming with new blogging ideas and are ready to go! But first a quick look back at 2014

Most Favorite Blogging Moment of 2014
Most Favorite Blogging Moment - Has to be hands down the Mark Warner Holiday I won back in September, okay obviously the sun and sea in beautiful Rhodes whilst staying at the Levante Resort was amazing but more importantly the friends I made there was the best bit!

Most Successful Post of 2014

Most successful post of 2014 - Was my new crochet braids, I'm delighted by how many people still read this post and was so surprised when I googled 'crochet braids' looking for inspiration for my next set and saw my face!! Scary! As much as I love my little afro I fancy a change so the crochet braids will be back very soon! 

Biggest Personal Achievement of 2014

Biggest Personal Achievement - After looking all year long we finally bought our first house in Sept. We've settled in so well, Tiger loves  his new school, we are all obsessed with living close to the river, it never gets old and we've made amazing friends. The house itself is still very much work in progress and I plan to do little sneak peaks of our home as a when each room is finished. Funny the sneak peak of the little lads room looks out dated now though as so much has already changed since. 

What's new ? - One thing I miss about working in an office as part of a team is bouncing ideas off someone else, talking to someone who is as excited about childrens and women's fashion, days out and homeware as I am, so this year I will be doing more collaborations with other bloggers and brands with whom I love and who I think you will too. I can't wait! I already have some lined up but if you think we could work well together then please send me an email and we can have a chat about it. 


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