Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Winter family days out

I love getting out for a day out with my family, even in the winter. I get cabin fever if I stay indoors for more than a couple of days and I crave fresh air, a change of scenery and I love not knowing what memories will be created on our little adventure.

Sandbanks beach in Poole is one of our favorite sandy beaches in the UK, especially in the summer but it's also beautiful in the winter. Yes it's freezing but it's so refreshing and calming being wrapped up under layers and layers of snugly knitted jumpers, cosy winter hats, thick woolly socks and then the cold on your face while watching the waves moving peacefully back and forth! Bliss!!

Tigers Hat £3.99 & Coat £27.99 both from Gap Kids (sale)

I loved seeing the little lads so content and happy playing with what nature has to offer, paddling in their wellies and running away and screaming at the small waves as if they were a huge beast! Collecting unusual and beautifully patterned shells, climbing over rocks and hiding in the tall sand dunes. It's magically. Inevitably the little lads end up splashed by the sea and I keep meaning to take along their puddle suits but I do make sure that I keep a change of clothes in the car, a warm cuddly blanket and a flask of hot chocolate and marshmallows. This to us is the perfect family winters day out, it didn't take much planning or cost the earth but it was just perfect.

Beauxs Hat £11.50 Ampersands Commodities at Little & Fierce Coat TU (sale) Wellies Mothercare £12



  1. Can you believe we have never been to sandbanks? Really must fix that! Beautiful photos x

  2. My sister in law lives in Poole so we've been to Sandbanks a couple of times. I actually love the beach on a winter's day and miss these kinds of trips now that our nearest beach is Blackpool (so does not count as a proper beach!). Beaux totally rocks that hat! ;-) xx

  3. Amazing photos! I love the beach in winter. So much more space to run around. It looks beautiful where you are x


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