Sunday, 29 March 2015

Breakfast with the Easter Bunny at Wyevale Garden Centre

Breakfast with the Easter Bunny at Wyevale Garden Centre

Beaux and I spend quite a lot of time at Wyevale Garden Centre he loves looking in the aquarium at the fishes, I love looking at flowers to fill our garden with and we both equally love sharing a cake in the cafe. So we were delighted to be invited to come and have breakfast with the Easter Bunny along with the rest of our little family.

We arrived at Wyevale Garden Centre at 9am and we were greeting by Alice in Wonderland (I say that as if that is her full name Miss Alice In Wonderland) and we were shown to our table. The table was set out with Easter themed activity sheets, little packs of crayons and an adorable little Lindt chocolate rabbit, which was obviously a nice touch for the kids, although trying to convince them not to eat it after their breakfast took some persuading. They took our drinks order, teas, coffees and squash for the kids and shortly bought out our cooked breakfast. We didn't have to wait long which was good as the kids would usually have had breakfast around 8am so were pretty hungry.

Breakfast was delish, a full English breakfast for the adults (bacon, cumberland sausages, fried bread, mushrooms, tomatoes, hash browns, black pudding and beans in a mini teacup, the whole shebang!) the kids had a mini version of sausage, toast, beans and hash brown. Once we finished breakfast we played pin the tail on the bunny, even us adults got involved and each won a Easter chocolate lolly. Every time I see the photo of Beaux's attempt of being blindfolded it makes me giggle and my heart swell.

Later we all called out for the Easter Bunny who had managed to lose his eggs (wink wink) Beaux and Tiger were grinning from ear to ear with excitement as the Easter Bunny told us that if we could help him find them we would get a toy. So all of the kids raced around the Wyevale Garden Centre looking for the simple clues and finding the eggs. As it was raining the hunt was indoors but had it not been the eggs would have been hidden outside amongst the flowers, which was a shame but the kids didn't seem to mind. Once all of the eggs were collected they could exchange them for a soft toy which all three kids were delighted with. 

Finally we 'decorated' or piled as much icing and sweets as we could on top of an egg shaped cookie, had a couple of photos with the Easter Bunny and Alice and said our goodbyes.

We had a lovely breakfast with the Easter Bunny at Wyedale Garden Centre, the breakfast was yummy, the little treats for the kids like the Lindt chocolate rabbit and soft toy were good quality. All three kids enjoyed seeing the Easter Bunny, running around on the egg hunt and doing the activities. We were there for a couple of hours and all just had a lovely time. If you are looking for a special treat over Easter that's fuss free I would recommend it. 

The Easter Bunny breakfast is at the Wyevale Garden Centre until 5th April. Click here to make your booking.

Disclaimer: We were invited to breakfast with The Easter Bunny at Wyevale Garden Centre in exchange for a review, all opinions and photography are my own.

Thursday, 26 March 2015

5 Reasons to Visit Warwick Castle

As a family we love days out so this year we decided to buy a Merlin Passes, we are lucky enough to live reasonably close to a few attractions (Legoland Windsor, Chessington, London Aquarium, London Eye and London Dungeons) so will make the most of the passes. We recently met up with family in Warwickshire so decided to take the opportunity to visit Warwick Castle, we had a great day out, plenty to do and see, here's 5 reasons why I think you should visit Warwick Castle for a family day out. 

1. The Castle - Obvs! Warwick Castle itself is mesmerising, its so grand. You really get a sense of history and I don't know if its because I'm obsessed with Game of Throne (if you haven't been watching, you must!) but there was an air of magic there, I half expected a dragon to fly above our heads!
Warwick Castle
Warwick Castle 
2. Fun for the Whole Family - There is something for everyone, Violet was interested in the history and watching the shows while Tiger really enjoyed exploring the castle, charging around pretending to be a knight and Beaux just loved the vast space to run around, he was pretty impressed with the Peacocks that roamed around the grounds too. Myself and The Mister are just happy when the kids are content with plenty to do meaning we can relax and enjoy it too.

3. The Shows and Entertainment - From the Trebuchet Fireball Spectacular to the Bowman show, all of the shows were all so grand, with the actors remaining in character throughout. Our favorite show was the Birds of Prey, there was something so surreal about the eagles landing on the edge of the castle.

4. The Views - Once you've climbed the cobbled stairs, which is not that easy whilst carrying a heavy The Mister said, but well worth it, especially on a clear day you can see for miles.

5. The Adventure Playground - It felt like something straight from the Hobbit movie. The kids loved climbing through tunnels like little moles and sliding down slides. It was a great way to tire them out for the journey home.

We had a great time at Warwick Castle but we arrived late and only managed to see half, we missed some shows and a visit to the dungeons so will visit again.

Monday, 23 March 2015

Spiderman Trainers x2

Spiderman trainers
Spiderman Trainers H&M £9.99
It's funny how different Tiger and Beaux are, in looks, personality and the sort of clothes that suit them. Tiger looks great in all colours but especially bright bold colours and patterns whereas Beaux looks lovely in blues, greens and paler colours they tend to really make his blue eyes sparkle. For this reason I very rarely dress them alike but on this day I did. It all started with these Spiderman trainers from H&M, both little lads are Superhero mad and loved these cute pumps so I bought them twice - easiest shopping trip ever! They are so easy to slip on with the elasticated laces and little zip. I'm not mad keen on character clothing but the cool comic strip design is a good compromise and not too overbearing.

I don't know if it's because the older Beaux gets the smaller the age gap feels, they play a lot more together now and genuinely have some of the same interests, tag teaming me to watch more episodes of Spongebob Square Pants, why do kids love that annoying little yellow sponge and pink blob thing so much?! Personally I don't get it! But it was fun dressing them alike, Beaux loves everything of Tigers and looks up to his big brother so is very impressed with their matching Spiderman trainers, I imagine he feels like a big boy in them. I can feel more twin clothing coming up this summer. 

Spiderman pumps

H&M Spiderman pumps

H&M Spiderman pumps


Sunday, 15 March 2015

Mum Shoes - Must Haves

Palmaira Sandals
Palmaria Sandals in Rose Gold £45 (My Mothers Day Present!)
A couple of sunny days and I've gone crazy and have already started updating my spring/summer wardrobe and the object of my affection are 'Mum Shoes', I would love to be one of those women who can happily totter around in high heels with ease and grace but unfortunately that's never been me, I have to save the heels for nights out and special occasions. What I want for my every day shoes is comfort, quality and obviously let's not forget style! I need to be able to throw them on with anything and for them to be comfortable enough to wear all day long, run after the Little Lads and have spontaneous walks by the river or take trips to the park. I can't help thinking of Mum Shoes as 'the type of shoes my own mum might wear' but a trendy, younger version - sorry mum!

Here are my top 5 favorite Mum Shoes that will see you through Spring and Summer. All of these Mum Shoes can be worn dressed up, dressed down, on the school run, play dates, lunch dates just about anywhere with anything. I would happily wear all of these with jeans, pretty dresses, shorts and skirts.
Mum Shoes
1. Zara Trainers £39.99 2.Palmaria Sandals £46 3.Zara Brogues £39.9 9 4.Boden Flats sale £61.41 5.ASOS Hasbeens £145
There are so many lovely Mum Shoes to choose from at the moment, somewhere along the line designers have realised that comfort is key. I have stopped buying shoes that are gorgeous but I know will have my feet screaming within a few hours, I'm not really a 'no pain no gain' kinda woman, especially when there is so much choice. I know my wardrobes will be stocked full of Mum Shoes this spring/summer.

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