Monday, 23 March 2015

Spiderman Trainers x2

Spiderman trainers
Spiderman Trainers H&M £9.99
It's funny how different Tiger and Beaux are, in looks, personality and the sort of clothes that suit them. Tiger looks great in all colours but especially bright bold colours and patterns whereas Beaux looks lovely in blues, greens and paler colours they tend to really make his blue eyes sparkle. For this reason I very rarely dress them alike but on this day I did. It all started with these Spiderman trainers from H&M, both little lads are Superhero mad and loved these cute pumps so I bought them twice - easiest shopping trip ever! They are so easy to slip on with the elasticated laces and little zip. I'm not mad keen on character clothing but the cool comic strip design is a good compromise and not too overbearing.

I don't know if it's because the older Beaux gets the smaller the age gap feels, they play a lot more together now and genuinely have some of the same interests, tag teaming me to watch more episodes of Spongebob Square Pants, why do kids love that annoying little yellow sponge and pink blob thing so much?! Personally I don't get it! But it was fun dressing them alike, Beaux loves everything of Tigers and looks up to his big brother so is very impressed with their matching Spiderman trainers, I imagine he feels like a big boy in them. I can feel more twin clothing coming up this summer. 

Spiderman pumps

H&M Spiderman pumps

H&M Spiderman pumps


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  1. Your boys are so gorgeous! And I love that you don't dresa them the same all the time and let their own personalities and style shine! But in this instance they look so cute and lovely pictures too x x


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