Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Stourhead National Trust

Move over Greys Court National Trust there's a new favorite National Trust in town and she is beautiful with stunning views no matter where you are stood. Stourhead National Trust is now my absolute favorite National Trust and I could cry that I don't live closer to it so I can visit every time I fancy a walk in a stunning garden.

We visited family in Bath last week when The Mister had a few days off work last week and his dad suggested we visit Stourhead National Trust, I hadn't heard of it before so I had no expectations of it. I was just happy to be getting out for a walk as we had been cooped up in the car for long journeys the days before.

Once we finally got to the gardens itself which is a bit of a walk from the car park and you have to walk through gift shops and caf├ęs which is always a bit problematic for us. With the kiddos deciding they are famished having only just eaten breakfast and then whining that couldn't look in the gift shop until after our walk. But once all of that torture was out of the way and we actually saw the gardens that was all forgotten (well mostly! those kids can hold a grudge!)

The garden is breath taking, a stunning lake at the centre of it all, surrounded by blooming magnolia trees (my second favorite after cherry blossoms) temples and statues in the distance, it felt very grand and we couldn't wait to explore. 

Beaux led us to the lake to look for sharks (obvs!) which has unexpectedly clear waters. Swans, ducks and geese dotted over the lake stretching their wings and swimming elegantly across the lake as if paid to look perfect. I quickly noticed that no matter where we we stood that there was something beautiful or interesting to look at. 

We started our walk around the Stourhead National Trust lake which was so pretty, flowers starting to bloom, I can only imagine how much more beautiful it is in summer when all the flowers are in full bloom. 

And just as the kids started to lose interest there was always something to stop and look at, climb or do. One of our favorites was the grotto which overlooked the lake it had the prettiest pebbled floor. The little lads enjoyed pretending that a little goblin lived down there who stayed away with the sounds of our echos (cue lots of screaming!). The Mister's dad told us that it is decorated at Christmas and the children can visit Father Christmas in the grotto which would be so magical. 

We also went inside the thatched roof cottage which was affectionately named 'the witches cottage' by the kids, we wrote little notes about our visit, pinned them to the walls and read a few messages from other explorers.

It took us about an hour and half to walk around the lake at toddler pace and stopping to look all the features dotted around the lake.  My only regret was that we didn't bring a picnic but we did stop off for lunch in the Stourhead cafe which is always a yummy treat.

We had such a lovely day at Stourhead National Trust and Stourhead is currently my most favorite National Trust, definitely one to put on your 'must visit list'.

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  1. I've never heard of Stourhead but it looks incredible - what an amazing place for a wander x


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