Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Tween Fashion

Tween Girls Fashion

I thought I'd do a tween (yes, I too needed a quick google search when I first heard the term 'tween' and according the to the Urban Dictionary a Tween is 9-12 year old, too old for toys, too young for boys or a preadolescence person) fashion post of this gorgeous little lass, my stepdaughter Violet. Since Violet has been in my life at the age of two  I've always bought her clothes and chosen what she wears when she is staying with us. The Mister didn't have a clue, I'm talking head to to Dora the Explorer mismatched characther clothing (shudder!) so both him and Violet were quite happy when I took charge. Violet was a girlie girl when younger loving all things pink and pretty and I was quite happy letting her run about top knot, a pink ballerina tutu and a pair of Converse, she was adorable. 

Although I still buy the majority of Violets clothes I try to buy her clothes I think she will like rather than what I think would look lovely on her. We often flick through fashion magazines together playing the game 'what's my favorite on this page' we take it in turns to guess each other's favorite piece and score a point if we get it right! Great game for all fashion lovers and shopaholics. 

A few years ago I decided that Violet was old enough to choose her own outfits for the day. I usually just let her know where we are going and what the weather is going to be like and let pick her own outfits, I love seeing what she chooses and what she puts together. As I know her full wardrobe I know what I would would team together but she has her own style and I love it. 

Violet has moved from the super girlie princess pink colours and I can see her style maturing. She loves a nice fitted blouse with a lace feature that she would team skinny jeans and cute pumps or an oversized shift dress. She also shares my love of a collared shirt underneath a jumper and does the best combos that shouldn't really work but so do! The other day she wore an embellished collared shirt underneath her sequinned Bambi sweatshirt, sheer genius!

When shopping together we love looking in River Island, New Look and H&M for a great range of tween fashion. I think it's important for Violet to be able to express herself in the way she dresses and inevitably she wants to dress more like a young woman than a child but I think it's more important for us to make sure it's not too mature. She still is a child after all, so it's comfort is key, although she might like to browse fashion pages with me she is also happy climbing up trees with her little brothers! 


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  1. She has a great sense of style. Wonder where she gets that from.....! x


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